Day: March 15, 2020

Phillip Stutts discusses the branding and marketing lessons he’s learned from working in politics for the past two decades.

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Phillip Stutts, founder of Go Big Media and Win Big Media and author of Fire Them Now, shares his thoughts on why the five-step process for branding a politician is the exact same as branding a person, product or service in any other industry. He also shares why customer data is so essential when putting together an impactful advertising campaign.

Stutts and The Playbook host David Meltzer chat about the importance of testing your advertisements before launching a campaign, why businesses should operate with a giving and abundant approach and why they believe in giving prospective clients a free assessment in order to get alignment.

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The Inside the Mind of the CEO interview series explores a wide range of critical decisions faced by chief executives around the world. For more insight, see PwC’s CEO Survey.

Vodnjan, a speck of a place on the Croatian peninsula of Istria, is the unlikely home to a European unicorn, a startup valued at US$1 billion–plus. The town has about 6,100 people, cobbled streets, a medieval clock tower, and a reputation for great olive oil. Today, it also has a new high-tech campus on its outskirts, home to Infobip, the brainchild of Silvio Kutić, whose family is from Vodnjan.

In 2019, more than 4.8 billion people received messages on their smartphone from their taxi drivers, social media sites, banks, delivery companies, and other sources — messages powered by Infobip technology. Millions of consumers in rural areas without Internet access also used the company’s platform to access services and share

Bartiromo can help you understand the requirements of succeeding in your industry.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

On this episode of The Playbook, Maria Bartiromo, two-time Emmy winning journalist and host of Mornings with Maria, Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street and Sunday Morning Futures shares her thoughts on:

  • How her approach to the first day of an internship at CNN set her apart from other interns [7:38].
  • Becoming the first journalist to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange [12:24].
  • The best piece of advice she ever got about how to succeed, no matter your goals [18:43].
  • Why you need to be focused on cherishing and respecting your reputation, not simply protecting it [19:51].

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The 10 most valued domestic companies lost a massive Rs 4,22,393.44 crore in market capitalisation last week, with heavyweights TCS and RIL taking the biggest hit.

In a nerve-wracking week for the markets, the BSE Sensex plummeted 3,473.14 points or 9.24 per cent, largely in tandem with global equities which were hammered by panic selling amid the pandemic.

The market capitalisation (m-cap) of TCS dropped by Rs 1,16,549.07 crore to reach Rs 6,78,168.49 crore for the week ended Friday.

Reliance Industries’ plummeted Rs 1,03,425.15 crore to Rs 7,01,693.52 crore.

Infosys was another major drag, with its valuation plunging Rs 41,315.98 crore to Rs 2,73,505.62 crore.

HDFC Bank’s tanked Rs 34,919.51 crore to reach Rs 5,87,190.43 crore and that of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) tumbled Rs 33,208.35 crore to Rs 4,40,151.42 crore.