Day: March 17, 2020

Forget the funnel. This is what customers want.

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The funnel concept has been around for a long time. Marketing teams use it to plan out the journey people take from prospect to lead to customer, and it’s worked. Lately, however, companies are switching to a marketing flywheel. Why the shift? One word: customers. It turns out the funnel doesn’t work that well for customers. It’s not focused on them, but rather, is more of a conveyor belt where things happen to them. Customers aren’t in control of their journey — you are. 

By moving to a customer-centric business model, everything changes. They’re finally in charge of their experience. And that’s where the flywheel comes in. The flywheel puts your customers at the center of your marketing efforts, creating a better experience for them and driving

Jakarta, Indonesia, is a sprawling city of more than 30 million people. Like many other burgeoning capitals, it has a housing problem. Rents downtown are high, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of properties are unoccupied. This forces people to travel many miles to get to work from the suburbs. Christina Suriadjaja saw this as an opportunity. In 2017, she pivoted her new company,, into the real estate management business, creating a platform offering short-term and long-term fully furnished rentals. Today Travelio represents more than 4,000 properties on an exclusive basis and earns 20 to 35 percent of the rental income they generate. It’s a success story with a twist: Christina is the 28-year-old daughter of Johannes Suriadjaja, owner of PT Surya Semesta Internusa, a US$300 million commercial property, construction, and hospitality company — and she was expected to enter the family firm, not start one of her

The investigational vaccine doesn’t contain any part of the actual coronavirus and cannot cause infection, but instead includes a short segment of lab-grown messenger RNA.

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Scientists on Monday gave the first-ever injection of an experimental coronavirus vaccine to volunteers in the US.

Doses of mRNA-1273 into the arms of healthy participants at Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute (KPWHRI) this week began the first-stage study of a potential COVID-19 immunization. The initial trial involves 45 people aged 18 to 55, including tech company operations manager Jennifer Haller—the study’s first participant.

“We all feel so helpless. This is an amazing opportunity for me to do something,” the 43-year-old Seattelite told the Associated Press before getting jabbed. She reportedly left the exam room with a smile, “feeling great.”

The investigational vaccine, made by biotech company Moderna, does not contain

Gold tumbled 3% on Tuesday, while other precious metals also extended heavy losses from the previous session, as fears over the global economic toll from the fast-spreading prompted investors to dump most assets and hoard cash. Platinum and silver shed more than 6%, while palladium lost over 4%. Industrial metals were worst hit in Monday’s meltdown on concerns of a global recession.

“Cash and bonds are king right now. It’s just the place where investors are seeing value in terms of what they hold,” OANDA analyst Craig Erlam said, adding precious metals seemed to be the go-to assets for investors liquidating positions.

“Investors hate uncertainty, but at the moment, we’re navigating completely blind. So that’s why we’re seeing so much panic and unrest in the

“Spot gold was down 2.6% to $1,475.26 per ounce at 1204 GMT, having slumped as much as