Day: March 19, 2020

Don’t overlook the role branding plays in your business’s success.

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Not so long ago, if somebody mentioned owning a startup, you could assume it was all about a nifty app or gizmo. But these days, food is the new tech. While food and beverage categories have always had a steady stream of newcomers, the arrival of shared commercial kitchens, in particular, has given entrepreneurs a place to create, iterate and rapidly whip up epicurean delights at relatively low cost (and in compliance with state and local regulations). 

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The renaissance has been inspiring, but as we’ve seen at our branding company CBX, it has also translated into a ferocious competition for customers’ attention among fledgling brands. To stand out, startups need to raise their game in basic brand-building,

At one of the world’s most respected manufacturers — a company known for innovation and employee engagement — the CEO was asked recently about his greatest concerns about the enterprise. “We lack leadership capacity,” he said. The company was entering an intensive phase in its quest to become digitally adept, seeking to master new technology, and it had not made enough progress in improving its employees’ skills or connecting with customers through digital channels. “We need our top executives, in particular, to be better at thinking long-term and driving meaningful change.”

The problem, he added, was not so much a lack of technological acumen as a lack of connection between the company’s formal leaders (those with the highest-ranking positions) and their employees and customers. These senior executives needed to demonstrate that they could stay on top of today’s complex challenges. Only then would employees feel confident enough to really invest

Jonas Tahlin, CMO of Pernod Ricard USA and CEO of Absolut Elyx, shares his thoughts on building brand awareness.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Jonas Tahlin, CEO of Absolut Elyx and CMO of Pernod Ricard USA, talks about the thought process behind Absolut’s luxury vodka brand and how today’s brands are tapping into the emotions of consumers in order to change their perception.

Tahlin and host of The Playbook, David Meltzer, discuss the importance of mass media for burgeoning brands, why traditional media like print is still valuable and how the Elyx House serves as a showcase for the brand, giving people and opportunity to experience it firsthand. They also chat about why Tahlin considers the time he spent working for Procter and Gamble as a paid education in marketing and branding.

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(Covid-19)-hit has already sunk into recession, warned economists at Securities in a recent report, though they expect this phase to be short-lived and see a bounce back in the third quarter (July–September) of 2020 (Q3-2020). In the interim, however, the research firm expects massive job losses and urges the not to restrict the quantum of stimulus measures.

“We believe that the has fallen into recession, joining the rest of the world, and it is a deep plunge. We now expect the to collapse 12 per cent q-o-q seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) in Q2 following only 0.5 per cent growth in 1Q. Although the decline is severe, we believe it will be fairly short lived,” wrote Michelle Meyer, US economist for Securities in a recent co-authored report.

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