Day: March 20, 2020

How affiliate marketing can help you find consistent return on investment.

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In an era of caution, companies need to invest in marketing efforts that lead to a direct payoff and don’t require more than they can afford. Over the past week, I’ve had to evaluate all the things I’m doing at Calendar to see what’s really moving the needle. It’s astonishing the things we’re spending money on that aren’t actually driving revenue to our bottom line.

As today’s environment forces drastic behavioral shifts in our daily lives, companies of all sizes and in all industries are evaluating the changes they need to make to stay nimble in our new economic reality. As businesses adapt to the stay-home economy, they’ll be focusing on which investments drive the best possible outcomes.

Businesses are used to pouring money into

I already have a standard policy. There is a lot of fear about the epidemic. Will my standard policy cover me for it?

is an infectious disease and hospitalisation on account of such conditions is generally covered under most health policies. For more detailed information, go through the policy documents issued to you. You can also contact your insurer for greater clarity.

I am a freelance movie maker. I live in Bengaluru and have irregular and lumpy income. Do I need a policy? I am already covered by my spouse’s office insurance. My parents passed away due to cancer and heart disease.

The provided by your spouse’s employer will be available only till your spouse is employed. It is always advisable to buy a separate health policy that will

The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) is set to demand a host of relaxations towards repaying loans in a bid to tide over the crisis, including an extension of 90 days in classifying accounts as non-performing assets (NPA) and deferring the installment of term loans.

The IBA’s managing committee met on Friday and has decided to put up five set of demands to the central government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to help the and retail and corporate borrowers alike, IBA chief executive officer Sunil Mehta told Business Standard over phone.

“We are asking for a 90-day extension of timeline for slippage of a running account – both cash credit and overdraft – into NPA,” Mehta said. If borrowers is unable to repay loans within 90 days of the due date, their loan account is classified as NPA by banks.

Regulator on Friday came out with various measures, including revision of market wide position limit, to ensure orderly trading and settlement, amidst continuing volatility in the securities market.

The measures would be effective from March 23 and would be in place for one month, it said in a release.

Taking note of the continued abnormally high volatility in the market, said it discussed with stock exchanges, clearing corporations and depositories appropriate measures that may be taken in the existing circumstances.

Among other steps, Market Wide Position Limit (MWPL) would be revised. For stocks in F&O segment meeting certain criteria, MWPL might be revised to 50 per cent of the existing levels.

The margin for stocks meeting specific criteria would be increased, apart from having revised position limits in equity index derivatives (futures and options).