April 7, 2020

5 Effective Low-Budget Marketing Strategies for Startups

Go back to basics with these proven methods of effective marketing.

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Startups operate under extremely tight budgets, which makes it almost impossible for them to set aside a marketing budget. With their tight budgets, they have to pay employees and rent, buy raw materials and cater to their huge overhead costs. Ignoring marketing and advertising becomes an easier option for them.

But then, without vigorous marketing strategies, startups do not stand any chance of growth or even staying afloat in today’s extremely competitive market. If you don’t market your products or services, you might not even have any revenue to budget for in a few short months to come. Advertising is more of a mandatory investment for the success of your startup than it is superfluous. That is why as a startup entrepreneur, you must come

Covid-19 crisis: Insurers cannot decline death claim settlements

The Council on Monday said all the insurers are duty-bound to settle claims if a death occurs due to COVID-19.

All life insurers, both public and private, are committed to process any death claim pertaining to COVID-19 at the earliest,the Council said in a statement.

It said the clauseof Force Majeure’will not apply in case of COVID-19 death claims.

Force Majeure is described as an event or effect that can be neither anticipated nor controlled.

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This step was taken to reassure customers who had reached out to companies seeking clarity on this clause in their contract as well as to dispel rumours to the contrary, it said.

All companies have also communicated to their customers individually

China’s recovery from coronavirus outbreak, drug demand lift pharma funds

Pharma sector funds are seeing sharp uptick in returns as China’s recoveryfrom outbreak has eased concerns on supply chain issues, and fund managers are expecting pharma companies’ toplines to gain amid high domestic and global demand for hydroxychloroquine, anti-malarial drug considered key in treatment of

According to data from Value Research, the one-week returns of pharma sector funds were 6.3 per cent. Among the equity categories, it is the only category to have given positive returns.

Fund managers say pharma funds face near-term challenges, but there are positive triggers with Cornavirus cases in China coming under control.

“Worries remain in terms of transporting products from ports to plants. Also, labour issues at plants continue to remain, but companies are trying out things to keep production going with limited manpower,” said Meeta Shetty, fund manager at Tata Mutual