April 8, 2020

How to Establish Marketing Authority in a Niche Industry

You’ve got to stay focused on a single market until you prove loyalty and expertise.

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Digital marketing agencies are some of the top businesses in the entrepreneurship sphere. It’s estimated that the digital marketing software industry will grow by 15.2 percent by 2025, and it was already estimated at $35.24 billion in 2017. For newcomers to the digital marketing scene, it can be challenging to establish authority right off the bat with so much competition in the space unless there’s something about your product or service that has a clear competitive advantage.

It comes down to finding a particular marketing niche, and this has to be a bit more specific than “startups.” Serve a very specific type of company, and take extra care of your clients to prove your investment in that niche. If you’re looking

Leadership, courage, and the power of collective thinking

As governments around the world take special measures to confront the COVID-19 global health crisis, people are grateful for their actions. In the end, every leader is responsible for his or her own choices, and leaders, at all levels, will have to make tough decisions that have consequences.

What leaders need is courage, including the courage to prioritize. As soldiers say: Those who defend everything in effect defend nothing. If everything is a priority, then nothing becomes a priority.

So I urge our leaders in both government and business to be brave. At times of crisis, it is not always easy to know if being brave and being right are the same thing: The line between bravery and foolishness can be thin and it is often only with hindsight that we know which actions were, in the end, the correct ones. But I still say: Be brave, do something, take

With no one to take them to mandis, most farm commodities fall below MSP

Prices of most agricultural commodities have slipped below their minimum support prices (MSP) due to issues such as chronic labour shortage and stoppage of transport following the 21-day nationwide brought into force on March 25 to contain the (Covid-19).

The situationhas created supply pressure at mandis close to the farms, as cultivators are not able to get their produce to the much larger Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) located quite some distance away. Worse, with very few hands working on the fields, a large part of the crop has not been harvested and risks rotting away.

While black gram (urad beans) in Sedan (Karnataka) mandi is selling at Rs 4,200 a quintal, or a 26 per cent discount to its MSP of Rs 5,700, pearl millet and wheat in Etawah (Uttar Pradesh) and Saja (Chhattisgarh) are currently selling at discounts of 22