April 23, 2020

It’s one thing to simply conceive and publish; it’s yet another to earn consumer loyalty and trust.

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Despite content marketing having been a much-discussed topic for several years, many businesses still don’t have a solid strategy in place. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 report found that only 41 percent of respondents had a documented marketing strategy, regardless of the fact that 84 percent of brands classified as “most successful” said their content helps build customer loyalty.

Clearly, there is massive potential for using content marketing as part of your company’s overall growth strategy, but there is a big difference between simply doing content marketing and doing it well. What digital consumers define as quality content evolves along with the internet. Ensuring that you deliver on consumer expectations will make all the difference in your ability to grow your business. Here

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought home the significance of health and life like nothing else earlier. Even those who were blasé about these covers in the past are now looking to buy a new policy or want to enhance the sum insured on their existing ones. Meanwhile, the Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has been issuing a slew of guidelines to health/general and life companies aimed at easing matters for customers.


Pay health insurance premiums in instalments: Through a circular dated April 20, 2020, the regulator has permitted companies offering health insurance to allow customers to pay their premiums in instalments. With many customers expected to face financial hardships amid the lockdown, this step will ease customers’ burden. “It is an attempt to provide an affordable option to customers, and encourage more people

India is studying President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting immigration into the US for 60 days and its possible impact on Indians, PTI reported quoting unnamed government sources.

On Wednesday, the US president signed the order to protect the jobs of American people in the wake of the pandemic which has inflicted severe damage to the country’s economy.

The sources said India is studying the possible impact of the order on Indians.

“People to people contact has been the bedrock of ties between the two countries and we hope it will continue to be so,” said a source.

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It is not immediately known how many Indians may be impacted by the order. The order is likely to have a bearing on

After hitting all-time lows last month, shares of (CIL) have recovered by about 10 per cent. While a part of these gains were led by stock valuations hitting a trough, some relief for CIL was also expected with the resumption of business and industrial activity, leading to some uptick in coal demand from thermal power generators and other end-user industries.

However, the benefits are likely to be limited, and the persisting challenges will likely limit significant upside. This is also a reason why the 10 per cent gain in CIL’s share price since March lows is lower than the 23 per cent rise in Sensex during this period.

The disease (Covid-19)-induced lockdown started at a time when power demand was already soft — it was up just 1.5 per cent during the first 11 months of 2019-20 (FY20). Further, given the