May 3, 2020

Create posts that feature you, your clients and how you can work together.

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“What the heck am I supposed to post today?”

If you have ever created content for , this thought has surely crossed your brain at least 43,879,098 times. And besides being engaging (hello likes, comments, and shares … we see you and we love you), how do you take all those clicks and turn them into cash?

How do you flip a social media follower into a client? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You just make it about You, Me and Us. While this would make for a great sitcom title, it’s actually a posting formula to ensure and uo your odds of flipping your followers into clients.

In this formula, you are building trust and engagement

The concept of a business ecosystem was first articulated by the strategist James F. Moore in his seminal 1993 Harvard Business Review article, “Predators and Prey: A New Ecology of Competition,” and the idea has since gained substantial currency. A business ecosystem is a community of enterprises and related organizations that coevolve over time and align themselves with directions set by one or more central companies. Examples of business ecosystems include a computer company and its users, investors, and third-party app developers; or an energy company with its network of suppliers, customers, traders, and resellers; or an auto manufacturer and the suppliers, retailers, and marketers that surround it.

The ecological analogy is apt because it emphasizes the fact that ecosystem members may both cooperate and compete with one another in complex ways that lead the entire community of enterprises to thrive. But there’s a key difference between biological

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has asked the officials to prepare a roadmap for urgent to deal with the headwinds of lockdown.

Chairing a review meeting here on Sunday, Adityanath instructed UP infrastructure and industrial development commissioner (IIDC) Alok Tandon to facilitate the rebooting of industries in the state during lockdown 3.0 beginning tomorrow.

He mandated Tandon with the task to plan a strategy to introduce in the industrial sector to cope up with the vortex of migrant labour crisis, lockdown and social distancing protocols.

The CM also directed officials to issue the necessary advisory by tonight pertaining to the operation of the various industries during lockdown 3.0.

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Yesterday, Adityanath had asked for modelling the reboot of

Reliance Industries’ (RIL’s) consolidated performance for March 2020 quarter (Q4) may be disappointing, yet experts are bullish on the stock and believe that shareholders should subscribe to the company’s rights issue.

The challenges posed by demand disruption in core refining, petrochemicals and even retail business were evident in Q4 and are likely to continue, but strong growth in Jio Platforms, which comprises digital businesses, including telecom, along with deleveraging initiatives should create shareholder value in the long run.

In the refining and marketing business, per barrel gross refining margin (GRM) at $8.9 was slightly lower than $9.2 seen in December quarter, but higher than $8.2 a year-ago. The Street was expecting GRMs of upto $8 with benchmark Singapore GRM averaging $1.2 in Q4, the lowest in 17 years. RIL, however, accounted for inventory loss associated with a steep decline in crude