May 16, 2020

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Are you looking to up your content marketing game right now? Are you tired of seeing the same books on everyone’s “best of” list? Me too.

Don’t get me wrong, those books are good, and some are even classics, but content marketing is always evolving. You must keep up with what’s new and exciting in the field so you can apply it to your , no matter how big or small you are. 

So, I decided to take a deep dive into the newer content marketing books that have been released in the last couple of years. I’ve gathered the best 17 books on content marketing that’ll help you be a better marketer, strategies, and business owner. 

1. Content Marketing by Gavin Turner

Turner’s book is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your

In recent years, employees’ personal use of social media has become a thorny issue for companies. On one hand, people who post positively about their job or workplace can boost a brand’s reputation — an important recruiting tool in an era when “star employees” are a valuable commodity. On the other hand, posts deemed offensive by an employer or the general public can bring negative exposure to a firm, resulting in calls to boycott the company until the employee is fired — a phenomenon known as a collaborative brand attack. There’s even a slang term — “dooced” — for getting fired for posting questionable comments, pictures, or videos. The term is a reference to Heather Armstrong, an employee terminated for posting satirical stories about her job and colleagues on her parenting blog,

As companies feel their way through this space, a few researchers have examined social media

The government may bring in a fiscal package even at the cost of a high fiscal deficit, to improve the demand by boosting the sentiment, apart from the monetary policy driven announcement it has made, said Venu Srinivasan, Chairman, Company. He said it was time to quarantine the vulnerable and allow the rest of the population to get back to work.

Speaking at a round table discussion, organised by a community initiative Chennai International Centre (CIC) on Reviving Tamil Nadu’s Economy – Strengthening Investments, Reforms & Stimulus, he said, that economic downturn was as much a psychological matter as it was an economic matter. “People who have money say they will wait for the world to get back. Today, there will be a lot of hesitation in people to come back. China has opened up and according to reports. while Chinese production has picked

Forty-three years after commencing physical sale of farm commodities, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Vashi near is set to go online and sale commodities via electronic orders for delivery in a day or two.

The beginning will be made in the food grain segment. Modalities will be finalised on Saturday.

The move began after the Navi Municipal Corporation (NMMC) issued an advisory late Thursday evening to devise a strategy to reduce the number of entrants into the APMC yard and maintain social distancing to prevent spread of coronavirus. Covid-19 has infected over 120 mandi participants so far, including traders, farmers, workers and customers taking thereby total number of such patients to over 600 in the vicinity.

To avoid its further spread, the government of Maharashtra has decided to close the mandi for a week ending Sunday and begin