May 23, 2020

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The coronavirus outbreak has thrown us all for quite a loop. What could have been an exciting and prosperous year has quickly turned into overwhelming feelings of uncertainty, fear, and

With major corporations in the travel and retail sectors letting go of workers and the media reporting a picture of doom and gloom, CEOs and owners are hitting the panic button. I get it. As a leader in your , you are facing big decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Should you lay off staff? When should you pull back on expenses? There are tons of questions looming around the relentless mystery of when things will get back to normal.

If anything is for certain, it’s that this pandemic won’t last forever. It’s important that we look at past recessions to gain some

One of the biggest forces holding back gender equality in the workplace is a set of structures left over from what I call the “Mad Men era.” Laws, policies, and stigmas that, in households where there is one male parent and one female parent, push women to do more of the caregiving at home, while pushing men to spend more time at work.

This has been clear in the data for many years. Despite the stereotype of the lazy, uninvolved father, through a combination of paid work, unpaid work, and childcare, dads put in as many total work hours as moms do.

Men want to spend more time at home. A survey by Promundo and Dove Men+Care, with whom I partner on research about dads, found that 85 percent of men in seven countries, including 79 percent in the United States, say they would do anything to be more

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Research reveals that over one in every 10 get sued by their employees or customers. A study from the U.S. Chamber Institute of Legal Reform also showed 43% of were either threatened with a lawsuit or battled with one. 

Lawsuits can do tremendous financial and emotional damage, but there are smart ways to handle employee lawsuits to ensure that you protect your company and its finances, and are able to focus on business cash flow, sales and your other employees.

Why employees sue a company

Irrespective of the level of care, concern, great pay, and good working environment you provide your employees, there may still be unsatisfied workers who feel they’ve been treated unjustly. And if that’s the case, these workers may take extra steps to show their displeasure, and that

A sharp sell-off in banking and financial stocks dragged the benchmark indices down on Friday. The Sensex fell 260.31 points or 0.84 per cent to end at 30,672.59, while the Nifty declined 67 points or 0.74 per cent, to close at 9,039.25.

The Bank Nifty declined 2.6 per cent, with several big names posting losses in excess of 4 per cent. Analysts said investors shelved financial stocks on worries that an extension in the moratorium would lead to a pile-up in bad loans.

The RBI on Friday extended the moratorium by another three months. The central bank also relaxed terms on interest payments.

Analysts said investors would have preferred an upfront recognition of NPAs, rather than a deferment.

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“Shareholders of