May 25, 2020

This Anheuser Busch VP explains his company’s new initiatives.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

On this episode of The Playbook, Anheuser Busch Vice President of US Brands Daniel Blake shares his insight on:

  • The new Value Brands initiatives and how the ‘s supporting others during today’s uncertain times [2:21].
  • The importance of a company that empowers people to stick to their values [5:58].
  • How his works to offer consistent messaging that creates lifelong fans and consumers [9:17].
  • Why he approaches every in as an opportunity and a lesson [17:38].

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Reflection for seasoned leaders has always been a personal process. Step back. Regroup. Look in the mirror. Push the pause button. There is often an intuitive belief that reflection carries restorative powers and can even be transformational.

In theory, it goes like this: On top of a mountain, a leader retreats to ask him or herself a set of questions about life, stress, and sacrifice, capturing the answers in a beautifully bound notebook. The questions don’t vary much. Where are you going? How are you living your values? What gives you meaning, purpose, or fulfillment? Are all the components of your life managed as you need them to be managed: career, family, friends, finances, health, and spiritual growth?

The power of this reflection comes from digging deep and being in touch with your core. It is very much an affair of the heart. With the insights from this exercise, you

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As an , you’re constantly in need of inspiration and motivation to keep building your dream. We all know that books are a great way to fuel that fire, but when you’re in a need of a brain break, a good movie may be the next best thing.

When you’re feeling burnt out, movies can stimulate your mind and give you a boost of motivation and creativity. Pick the right movies to watch and you’ll broaden your horizons as you relax on your couch.

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Here’s a list of the 10 best films available on that will offer some interesting ideas to chew on as you relax.

Parasite is a tale of two families in a symbiotic relationship. The Kims are a poverty-stricken family who cunningly place themselves in the service of the Parks,

Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) are once again stepping on the gas when it comes to pulling out of Indian In the past fortnight, they have yanked out $1.7 billion amid disappointment over the Rs 20-trillion stimulus package and rising Covid-19 cases, despite multiple lockdown extensions.

The two-week rolling average for daily flows is currently at (negative) — $205 million — worst since March-end, when foreign institutional investment selling was at its peak due to major global risk aversion.

Since mid-April, FPI investment rally had improved, following aggressive stimulus measures announced by global central banks. While global liquidity conditions are benign, experts say are preferring to invest in countries which have been more effective in combating Covid-19 and with better stimulus measures.

“Several countries have started easing Covid-19-related containment measures. In some cases, despite uptrend in infections.