June 23, 2020

Engage in new ways – and with humor – to make customers loyal long beyond these stressful few months.

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When you watch a movie or read a book that’s centered on a hero’s journey, you’ll frequently find a pivotal moment, the point in the story when the hero must commit to the journey or abandon it. Think about Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: He literally crosses the threshold when he leaves his home in the Shire for new lands, dangers and challenges. In The Matrix, Neo crosses the threshold when he takes the red pill that replaces blissful ignorance with uncomfortable, unsettling truth.

What does crossing the threshold have to do with marketing and branding your company in a crisis?  Everything.  

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When countries began shutting down in response to the growing pandemic this spring, many employees found themselves working from home. That can be freeing and productive for some people, but lots of others scrambled to work around housemates, pets, partners, and children; splintered teams were reunited in endless Zoom meetings, and corporate life suddenly took on a very different tone.

Which is precisely why Krissee Chasseur’s team at Zappos, the online shoe retailer, started a book club. “We were putting together ideas to keep our team digitally engaged, and a weekly virtual book club seemed like an easy fit to blend our core values of ‘pursuing growth and learning’ and ‘building a positive team and family spirit,’” she told me via email.

Their first book was Atomic Habits, by James Clear, a guide to losing bad habits and gaining good ones, followed by Man’s Search for Meaning, a

The median mobile download speed from global internet tracker shows a higher median download speed on mobile and fixed internet than before the The data is for the week ended June 14 (chart 4). People use the internet more when they are at home, for work, and for entertainment, leading to a fall in download speeds because of increased load. More people are heading back to work now.

Two indicators which haven’t seen as much of a recovery are traffic congestion and pollution levels. Mumbai and New Delhi both saw their traffic congestion levels begin to taper off after rising in recent times. The numbers are based on location tracker TomTom International (chart 5).

Business Standard also looks at nitrogen dioxide levels that are emitted because of industrial activity and from vehicles. The levels remain muted in Delhi and Mumbai (chart 6,

edged higher on Monday as major producers cut crude output, but price gains were limited by worries that a rise in infections worldwide might stall a recovery in fuel demand.

was up 48 cents, or 1.1 per cent , at $42.67 a barrel by 11:45 a.m. EDT (1545 GMT).

The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude contract for August, which became the days more active contract, rose 50 cents, or 1.2 per cent , to $40.33.

South Korea said for the first time that it was in the midst of a second wave of the coronavirus, keeping prices from rallying further.

The World Health Organization reported a record rise in global cases on Sunday, with the biggest increase coming from North and South America.

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