July 4, 2020

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Know me before selling me; that’s what Americans expect from sales reps

In a , it’s critical to align with customer preferences to avoid losing sales to rivals. Competition is stiff, as people have less disposable incomes. A 2018 study by the Federal Reserve found that 40 percent of Americans can’t come up with $400 to pay for an emergency. And that’s before 40 million people were out of work virtually overnight.

Here are tips to increase sales, even when the is in flux.

A must do whatever it takes to serve customers well

Buyers are weary. They’ve been locked down, and many have to fight for jobs before unemployment benefits run out. Not to mention 27 million have recently lost employer-based health insurance, according to Kaiser Family Foundation. Post-pandemic

Mutual funds’ asset base dropped eight per cent to nearly Rs 25 trillion in the quarter ended June 30, mainly due to outflow pressure in equity and debt categories.

Average asset under management (AAUM) of the industry, comprising 45 players, stood at Rs 24.82 trillion in April-June quarter 2020 as compared to Rs 27 trillion in the preceding quarter, according to a data by Association of in India (Amfi).

The asset base of the industry was Rs 25.5 trillion in the same period a year ago.

The industry registered the decline of eight per cent on quarter-on-quarter basis as net inflows have reduced across most of the asset and categories in mutual fund schemes, said Omkeshwar Singh, who is head RankMF at Samco Securities.

“In spite of a 24 per cent climb back in the

Jessica Abo talks with Comcast’s SVP of Community Impact about how leaders can effectively bring about change.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Empowering underserved communities with corporate initiatives has long been a goal of Dalila Wilson-Scott, SVP of Impact and President of the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation. At the 2019 Social Innovation Summit in Jessica Abo spoke with Wilson-Scott about how can positively impact the lives of their customers and employees.

Wilson-Scott discusses programs Comcast has pursued with the help of partner organizations, allowing them to test features with the customers they’re intended to empower. 

Wilson-Scott suggests company leaders stay true to their business’ values by leveraging to plan social impact work and to start by soliciting employee

Emerging market central banks continued to cut in June as policymakers battling the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic tried to shore up their economies.

Interest rate moves by central banks across a group of 37 developing economies showed a net 16 cuts in June, matching the number of reductions delivered in May.

June marked the 17th straight month of net cuts – the longest easing cycle for emerging market central banks since 2013.