July 5, 2020

3 Strategies For Business Communication During Crisis

Business communication has always been important, but it is doubly important in crises.

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has always been a crucial element of operations, regardless of the size or location of the company in question. Being able to communicate effective is crucial to defining a and putting the best foot forward with customers. When done effectively, business communication can boost a company’s products and services to immense profitability, or sink the company, if done poorly.

Business communication in normal times is very different from business communication in times of crisis. The stakes are higher, and leaders must execute their communication efforts perfectly. Here are a few strategies you can employ to do just that:

Resist the urge to profiteer

When it comes to a crisis situation, the worst position to be in is that of an

Fund houses asked to disclose SIP contribution over accuracy concerns

The Association of in India (Amfi) has sought data on systematic investment plans (SIPs) from individual fund houses, to rule out any concerns over the accuracy of the monthly data.

Experts say the move could give a more real picture on how the flows are doing in the current environment.

“Gross collection of data through registrar & transfer agents (RTAs) may have not been indicative of the true impact on flows amid the prevailing conditions. However, this methodology could bring in more clarity on how clients and advisors are considering SIPs, whether it is based on latest performance or consistency,” said Amit Bivalkar, founder and director at Sapient Wealth.

“… it is felt expedient to collect the data from individual AMCs from now on, so as to rule out any doubt about the correctness

Bullion experts propose separate gold saving account to promote paper gold

In a bid to promote paper gold in India, bullion experts have proposed a separate gold along with the rupee saving bank account for consumers.

Deliberating on the issue in a webinar organised by Assocham, Somasundaram PR, managing director, (WGC) India, said, “Consumers should be given an option with separate gold along with the rupee balance account in banks to enable them to transact directly in the bullion.”

Currently, transaction in paper gold is available in the form of exchange-traded fund.

Various stock exchanges also offer 1 gram gold trading facilities to attract participation from retail consumers and on delivery, such gold can be transferred to vault.

The Central government’s ‘sovereign gold bond’ with 2.5 per cent of annual interest with benefit of price appreciation to investors are also a