July 6, 2020

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has wiped out dreams, created a psychological nightmare, and torn a country apart, with individuals questioning what is the right, or wrong, thing to do. The result? Nobody has been untouched.

But, like any crisis, there are lessons to be learned. In the world we had to rethink employee communications, crisis strategies, technology capabilities, messaging, external communications, new business strategies and business operations – all practically overnight. We had to have all-hands-on-deck and we had to take an honest look at what was in place, what was missing, and what we had, but was no longer relevant. We had to take a solid look at what happened and where we landed to fully understand how we could successfully ride the storm and move forward, with the least amount of destruction. But there can’t be

With the Covid-19 crisis yet to abate, the Income (I-T) department has extended several deadlines for taxpayers. With so many extensions and deadline changes, it’s easy to lose track and this could pose challenges while filing I-T returns.

Archit Gupta, chief executive officer, Cleartax, says: “Estimation poses practical challenges. People may not be able to proceed with completion of tax-saving until July 31 due to the lockdown extension. Also, taxpayers do not have Form 16, TDS (deducted at source) or TCS (collected at source) certificates until August 15, 2020, to correctly calculate their self-assessment tax liability.”

The new changes include:

Tax filing for FY19

If you are someone who did not file returns until March 2020, you will now get additional time until July 31, 2020, to finish the same for the

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There’s no right or wrong way to combat the isolation and brought on by the times we live in. (Well, OK, we can probably all agree that plowing through a shipment of Oreos in one sitting isn’t the most ideal way.)

But shows that there are two vital ingredients to maintaining and wellness: human connection and the feeling of doing something positive. And both of these come into play in the process of creating something with other people. A study in the journal Art Therapy found that after just 45 minutes of art-making, participants’ levels of cortisol (a chemical in

Promoters of will get more flexibility in attracting investors and the process of determining the right price for assets would get easier following a new set of amendments introduced by capital market regulator in its preferential share issuance norms.

Market experts said the new guidelines provide flexibility to the promoters and promoter group entities to attract investors for their companies rather than becoming completely dispossessed as under the IBC framework.

The amendments can also help promoters get financial investors on board without losing control of the company. Even if they get investors who wish to take control, they could end up with a continuing role in the company which may be diluted but not completely removed.

Therefore, due to such flexibility, promoters may prefer restructuring through these guidelines as a better and faster alternative than going