July 13, 2020

Don’t believe the stories you’ve read about how Gen Zers don’t use email.

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Generation Z, the cohort of people born after Millennials, was supposedly the kryptonite of every digital marketer. Gen Zers don’t check their email, they have short attention spans, and have grown up in an “always-on” tech environment. 

These kinds of pronouncements are always popular in the marketing world — someone is always proclaiming that something “is dead” with each new technology or culture shift, so this talk about Gen Z isn’t a big deal. Marketers are used to adapting and evolving as the world changes around them, and learning how to engage with Gen Z through email

Insurers are creating products for a world where virus outbreaks could become the new normal after many were left out in the cold during the crisis.

While new pandemic-proof policies might not be cheap, they offer from restaurants to film production companies to e-commerce retailers ways of insuring against disruptions and losses if another virus strikes.

The providers include big insurers and brokers adding new products to existing coverage, as well as niche players that see an opportunity in filling the void left by mainstream firms that categorise virus outbreaks like wars or nuclear explosions.

Tech firm Machine Cover, for example, aims to offer policies next year that would give relief during lockdowns. Using apps and other data sources, the Boston-based company measures traffic levels around such as restaurants, department stores, hairdressers and car dealers.

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The most pessimist one projects it at 25%

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While the most optimistic forecast by Ficci pegs economic contraction at 7.4% in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, the most pessimist one projects it at 25%



First Published: Sun, July 12 2020. 23:27 IST

Barley prices in Jaipur are trading at Rs 1,416 per quintal. Mustard seed is trading at Rs 4,900 per quintal…