July 23, 2020

Putting yourself out there is not about you. It’s about those you serve.

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A member of my community was very frustrated because she was getting nowhere with her efforts. She had used all the conventional means: a website, , , and . As she was in an industry that I don’t engage with regularly, I had never looked at what she broadcast into cyberspace. When we talked, she told me that she was active in all aspects of her social media presence, but it didn’t seem to be working for her. I agreed to take a look at it.

First, I asked to see the analytics

Business leaders who are fond of saying their most valuable assets walk in the door each morning will have to come up with a new aphorism. As more firms realize the virtues of virtual work, many business leaders are taking the opportunity to rethink their organizations from the ground up, which will change who walks through which doors, when, and how often, and even where those doors might be. In light of the disruption caused by COVID-19, workforce concerns and strategies have elbowed their

The global supply chain is getting redesigned and redefined in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, current geopolitical situation and trade issues, Chairman N Chandrasekaran said on Wednesday.

Speaking in a discussion at the India Ideas Summit organised by the US-India Business Council (USIBC), Chandrasekaran, who is also the co-chair of the US-India CEO Forum, said India can be a very important partner for the US and the companies there, and play a significant role in their supply chain.

Chandrasekaran, who is the co-recipient of this year’s USIBC Global Corporate Leadership Award, also said it is possible to have a limited deal between India and the US before the elections there in November if both sides work together to get something done and not try to solve all issues at once.

Without naming China, he said, “…the global

Small business units are now looking to mortgage family-owned jewellery to fund their operations, which had shrunk during the (Covid-19) outbreak following restrictions on human and logistics movement.

“Small businesses have all but collapsed during the pandemic. Now, they are looking for capital to restart operations. For them, jewellery is the only asset they can use to get funds. Hence, we can see a sharp increase in against to fund small businesses once markets reopen,” said Somasundaram P R, managing director-India, World Gold Council, addressing a webinar organised by PHD Chamber on Wednesday.

Usually, small businesses like fruit and vegetable vendors, road-side eateries or even tea stall owners avail private funding to start their businesses. But, looking at job losses and economic distress within the middle class, arranging funds to restart operations is proving a