Month: August 2020

Learn the marketing strategies to not just survive, but thrive even in this environment.

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While many businesses have had to shut down physical offices and retail stores as a result of the health crisis, and are only now starting a phased re-opening process, there’s one thing that can help companies survive and even thrive: digital marketing. Even research firm Gartner has advised that now is the time for marketing leaders to re-evaluate their digital marketing initiatives to focus more on discovery and sales.


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In a previous job, I worked for a manager who was terrific in almost all the ways you’d want a leader to be terrific — she was smart, straightforward, consistent, ambitious for great work. But she did have a small email tic that would occasionally give me pause. If I had to be out of the office, I would send her a note the night before. Her response was always the same: “Fine.”

That simple word, so clear in conversation, becomes more complicated in an email, in which there is no context or signal of tone. Did she mean fine as in, “Sure, no problem”? Or was it more of a, “Well (sigh), okay”? I’m fairly confident it was the former, but I was never 100 percent certain.

I’ve been thinking about those small moments of uncertain communication lately, as the COVID-19 crisis has prompted countless companies to shut their

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The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has so far set aside over Rs 4,000 crore of revenues from its co-location operations, following directions from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), which has been investigating NSE’s co-location operations for lapses.

Disclosures by NSE shows that as of June 30, 2020, an amount of Rs 4,066.78 crore (Rs 3,606.73 crore as of March 31, 2020) was transferred to a separate bank account and then has been invested in accordance with Board of directors approved investment policy and procedures.

The market watchdog had directed that pending completion of the investigations, all revenues emanating from the co-location facility — starting from September, 2016 — be transferred to a separate bank account.

NSE also pointed out that “it has strong grounds to contest the above orders including monetary liability (including from pending adjudication

If you want customers to purchase your product right away, then you better have the write stuff.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Sales copywriting is probably not new to those in , but can we really say we’re using it to its fullest potential? With customers staying home and shopping from their couches, solid copy may be the best sales technique available to you, if you use it right.

Here’s why sales copywriting matters more than ever, and what you can do about it.

What is direct-response copywriting?

Direct-response copywriting is sales copywriting in its most powerful form. Simply put, it’s sales copy that tells the consumer to make a purchase right away. That’s why this type of sales copy can’t just be good; it has to be the top tier.

Some examples of direct-response copywriting are:

  • Pay-per-click ads.

  • Product

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd., a vehicle financier, is seeing a rise in demand for personal mobility vehicle loans as the nation emerges from coronavirus-induced lockdowns.

“The need for personal transportation is going up,” said Chief Financial Officer Arulselvan D. in response to a question about the impact of the pandemic. “We are seeing good demand for entry-level cars and two wheelers.” Sales of used vehicles may see a spurt as new vehicles may be costlier because of upgraded emission norms, he said.

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Sale of cars and two wheelers in India are slowly rising after witnessing near zero sales in April as the country went into a total lockdown to prevent the spread of Public transportation such as buses, trains and metros are shut in many parts of