August 1, 2020

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If you haven’t yet started Facebook ads, it’s high time you do. Recent statistics from Hootsuite show that the average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. Although many believe Facebook is on the decline after last year’s privacy violations came under scrutiny, it still makes up for 40 percent of annual digital display revenue, according to the . That’s second only to one:

With all the opportunity from a Facebook ad campaign, it’s a preferred avenue for new owners ready to get exposure for their product. However, as easy as Facebook Ads Manager makes the ad creation process, there’s a great deal of behind-the-scenes work that first needs to be accomplished. In fact, many beginners fall into mistake traps when creating their first campaign. These are

In the 2019 PwC Global Crisis SurveyPDF, 69 percent of respondents said they expected a global crisis in the next five years, most likely due to a financial meltdown or technology failure. Little did they know how prescient they were. Just nine months after the survey was released, an entirely different and unexpected medical and public health crisis — COVID-19 — has fundamentally altered the world. If driving change in the uncertain and turbulent environment that existed at the beginning of 2020 was a complex challenge, the degree of difficulty has now been ramped up significantly.

As we recently noted in these pages, five global forces — asymmetry of wealth, disruption, age disparities, polarization, and loss of trust — which together we’ve termed ADAPT, were already changing the way millions of people live and work. The pandemic has sharply accelerated these forces.

Brands try creating their own influencers to control their messaging.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

With more than 1 billion people using social media all over the world, it’s more difficult than ever for brands to stand out from the crowd. Thus, the rise of the influencer, which has been one of the most significant changes in marketing in the last decade.

Some creative marketers have decided to to find an alternative to the typical approach to influencers and instead create their ambassadors themselves using . These virtual influencers are computer-created fictional characters whose “personalities” are entirely fictional. They’re paired with animated images from digital artists to accurately re-create the subtle features of 

The falling fixed deposit rates

of banks should not be a driving force for to put their money in the capital market, and they should revalidate their investment strategies carefully during the current COVID-19 crisis, a Sebi official said on Friday.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India is continuously working to make the capital market safe and protect the interest of retail investors, he said.

need to “revalidate their strategies carefully” to invest in the capital market amid the coronavirus crisis and decreasing bank deposit rates, Sebi whole-time member G Mahalingam said at a webinar organised by MCCI.

According to him, the regulator has taken various measures to keep the capital market robust amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sebi official also indicated that investors need to invest carefully in these troubled times