August 3, 2020

Balance obeying the data and knowing when to take risks.

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When it comes to , has a significant impact on individual purchasing decisions, but ultimately it is the products that create an overall impression. Brand marketing is an important component in raising your brand’s prestige and overall favorable perception, but customers want to be part of the picture and feel that is as much about them as it is about the brand. Smart product marketing engages consumers and focuses on products or services that will be useful to them. Your brand will only be as strong as the customers who feel a strong connection to what you are offering. These five strategies will help you revamp your product marketing strategy. 

1. Research new products with existing data

A product launch

Using a has become a habit for many, as it’s easy to make several transactions using a single card rather than carrying cash. However, with the ease, there is also a risk just in case you misplace your card.

What’s important is to know the steps that you must take just in case the card is lost. Here’s what you can do:

Inform the issuer immediately

Time is of importance in the scenario of a lost card — someone in possession of the card could potentially make multiple transactions within minutes and you could lose lakhs of rupees. Hence, the priority should be to inform the bank or issuer as soon as possible.

It’s essential to keep the phone number of the card issuer handy. These days, you can also report it

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There are numerous reasons for starting a , including pursuing a passion, wanting to set your own hours and wanting to make more . But if you’re not committed to a larger purpose, all those reasons may not be enough for your business to succeed.

What Is a Commitment?

A commitment can be defined in three ways:

1. It gives you purpose. Let’s define a commitment as a greater purpose for your life that drives you forward every day. Many studies have shown that purpose even leads to longer life for men and women alike.

2. It’s never finished. A commitment is not, “I want to own a successful business,” because that doesn’t give you lifelong purpose. A commitment will never truly be finished, and you’ll work towards it for many years.


Weak demand and favourable weather across the major producing region is expected to keep prices under pressure…