August 13, 2020

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

has gotten incredibly popular for a handful of motivating reasons. First, it’s easier than ever to publish your own content: Anyone (even those with no ) can start , upload recorded videos or even live stream. Second, demand for online content is skyrocketing; more people are reading blogs, watching videos and engaging with social media influencers than ever before. Third, online content is a potentially lucrative hustle…but only if you know what you’re doing.

Millions of people have seen marginal success in their online content development. They’ve been able to

The pandemic has brought about a big shift in the preference for customers. While the pandemic has made corporates take up the responsibility of providing coverage to their employees by subscribing to group plans, the financial uncertainty the pandemic has created has pushed back individuals from buying into insurance.

In the month of July, group annualised premium equivalent (APE) has reported a strong performance, with 50.3 per cent year-on-year growth.

APE is the sum of annualised first-year premiums on regular premium policies and 10 per cent of single premiums on the new business written during any period.

According to a research report by Emkay Global Financial Services, the share of private players on the APE basis continued its sequential improvement at 49.2 per cent (44.2 per cent in June’20) in July against the peak of

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether you just started your coaching business or have been running one for years, your business has two goals: revenue and impact. Building a successful coaching business requires that you have great client acquisition skills, and one way to make this happen is through content marketing.

Strategic content can build your brand reputation, create a community around your values and promote your services. But one thing most online entrepreneurs forget is that content is a conversion tool, not just a series of knowledge-based paragraphs. Content marketing, when done exceptionally well, can convert cold prospects who are actively looking for solutions to problems they’re experiencing, into premium clients.

With that said, here are the five types of content to create to grow a high-end coaching business.

1. Create content that shifts your audience’s beliefs.

The number one

India’s long-established tea industry is struggling.

Heavy rains and the absence of tea pickers because of lockdowns have hammered production and sent local prices spiraling to records, while top buyers are turning to Kenya where the market has dropped, said Azam Monem, director at Mcleod Russel India, one of the country’s biggest growers.

Output in the world’s second-largest producer is set to shrink to the smallest in five years, falling 13 per cent to about 1.21 billion kilograms, while exports will drop 16 per cent to about 210 million kilograms, a six-year low, according to Monem.

The tea industry is going through a tough time, Monem said in an interview. Domestic production is falling after excessive rain in June and July and because lockdowns kept workers away from the plantations, while importers in the UK, Egypt, and the