September 7, 2020

Here’s how to find your narrative.

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Aside from offering a helpful service or great product, what elements separate a successful business from a less popular one? Look closely, and you’ll find one of the most powerful aspects of a : its story. Stories tap into a customer’s unconscious mind to increase interest. Linking a to your own business is likely to boost success and memorability.

Why stories are popular

are wired to enjoy a good yarn. Centuries ago, was a major form of entertainment. It relayed important information, inspired and taught simultaneously. Today’s world isn’t that different. Movies, books and even news segments are presented as stories designed to stick in the mind.

With ease, the stories you link with your business will seep into a potential customer’s subconscious, where they forge

Even as the covid-19 headwinds have severely impacted the commercial and industrial sectors globally, the has reaffirmed its target of Uttar Pradesh becoming a $trillion by 2024-25.

The target is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisioning a $5 trillion mark for India.

While, the government had deferred its roadmap regarding the $trillion goal following the covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 and the emphasis on curbing the pandemic, setting up of medical care facilities and treatment of patients, the state has now decided to draw up its blueprint to achieve the milestone.

The state government will float a global tender for the selection of a consultant to prepare the roadmap for the $trillion economy mark. Once selected, the consultant would be mandated to submit its recommendations within 150 days.


Weak demand from processors, and upcoming new crop arrival pressure is expected to keep the trend weak for soybean…