September 26, 2020

An ever-changing world requires an agile marketing strategy-one that continues to prove successful, pandemic or not. Here’s why account-based marketing reigns supreme now and well into the future.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In 2019, George Debb, managing partner at Red Rocket Venture,s extolled the virtues of account-based , writing, “If you are not using marketing techniques today, you probably should reassess your entire B2B and and execution efforts.” 

Twelve months and one global health crisis later, the statement continues to ring true — and with even more intensity. When Debb wrote the article, “The Rise of Account-Based Marketing,” he couldn’t foresee a future in which in-person meetings, quick conversations

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Spend any amount of time in entrepreneurial social media groups and you’ll get a glimpse into the things that are happening in entrepreneurship.

You’ll see entrepreneurs posting screenshots of five- and six-figure months. You’ll see leaders talking about experiencing their highest-revenue months. You’ll see experts left and right offering advice. You’ll even see a few entrepreneurs posting about their struggles. 

While looking successful on social media can feel good for a while, it’s not the path to building a business that creates financial security and options for an entrepreneur. One-hit wonder months aren’t sustainable and will have an entrepreneur frustrated by the lack of return for the effort they’re putting into building their business. 

While entrepreneurship isn’t the same as having a traditional job, there are strategies an entrepreneur can use to create consistent revenue. 


The Indian stock market rebounded on Friday as investors lapped up beaten-down stocks on hopes of a stimulus announcement. During the market hours, reports emerged that the government was planning to unleash a big fiscal stimulus to revive the economy and create jobs. Also, global investor sentiment was positive after US Representatives started drafting a new stimulus bill, which included $2.4 trillion of spending. However, doubts remained whether the bill would have the Senate’s backing.

The closed at 37,389 with a gain of 835 points, or 2.3 per cent — the most since June 1, while the Nifty50 jumped 245 points to reclaim the 11,000 mark. On Thursday, the benchmark indices had crashed more than 3 per cent in their worst setback in four months.

According to reports, the Narendra Modi government is just weeks away from announcing another round of stimulus measures