October 1, 2020

Business is moving online, and marketing is going with it.

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Achieving success at anything in life has often been associated with the mindset of survival of the fittest. While that notion holds some merit, former LSU professor Leon C. Megginson wrote in 1963, “It’s not the strongest nor most intelligent of the species that survive. It’s the ones who are most adaptable to change.” If there was ever a quote best suited for navigating today’s landscape, this is it.

For years, the need for relatable content has been on an upward trajectory as consumers are much savvier — and warier — of sponsored content. Having been a powerful marketing tool for quite

activity covering housing, credit cards and the vehicle segment moderated in August 2020 over the previous month.

Retail loans grew by Rs 16,879 crore in August while it had grown by Rs 40,853 crore in July, according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data. Retail loans had grown by Rs 11,518 crore in June.

These critical categories saw a slowdown. Housing loans rose by just Rs 1,936 crore in August (Rs 11,663 crore in July), and credit card outstanding was also up by Rs 3,442 crore (Rs 3,805 crore in July). The vehicles segment also saw a marginal rise of Rs 2,072 crore (Rs 3,095 crore).

The outstanding retail loan book stood at Rs 25.48 trillion in August, up from Rs 25.31 trillion in July.

had seen a sharp drop of Rs 62,861

Gold in the international market declined on Wednesday and was on track for the biggest monthly fall in nearly four years, as the dollar benefited from caution that crept into the financial after the first US presidential debate.

Spot gold dropped 0.67 per cent to $1,885.4 an ounce (until 7.35 pm IST), declining 4.3 per cent in September. This set gold up for its worst monthly performance since November 2016. Silver, too, slipped 1.69 per cent to $23.87 an ounce and was on track for its first monthly contraction since March, falling more than 16%.

In Mumbai, standard gold closed at Rs 50,240 per 10 gram on Wednesday, against Tuesday’s closing of Rs 50,245. Silver closed at Rs 59,974 a kg.

Gold traded under pressure as prices pared previous gains on stronger dollar amid rising hopes for US