Day: November 15, 2020

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Saying that we live in a “digital age” may feel a bit cliche, but there’s no denying that the internet and have revolutionized the way we interact. Survey data from the reveals that 81 percent of Americans use the web daily, with 28 percent saying they are online “almost constantly.”

This dependence on digital tools also spills over into the world. The pandemic has accelerated online shopping trends, and countless companies rely on SaaS and PaaS tools to keep their operations running smoothly.

For entrepreneurs, this reliance on technology creates new opportunities, but it also requires that startups use the right tech tools and technologies themselves. Consider this a starter kit.

1. Cloud native technology

“Cloud native technology is no longer a ‘good to have’ — it’s absolutely essential,” Karan

In this partisan era, companies can find themselves targeted by boycotts from either end of the political spectrum. And it’s during high-profile crises of brand identity that board members can truly prove their worth, imparting insight to executives and reassuring shareholders. But what happens when directors agree with the political bent of the boycott? According to a new study, it’s possible these directors will act on their personal convictions and exit the board.

In general, it’s not unexpected for a director to leave when the going gets tough. Research shows that board members are more likely to give up their seat when their firm is filing for bankruptcy, restating earnings, fending off lawsuits, or reeling from credit downgrades than when it is running smoothly.

But unlike those negative events, which send an unmistakable signal that management is on the wrong path, boycotts tend to be

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Our lived experience, by and large, is now happening with a screen in front of us. As a global society bound by similar tribulations and technologies, we are now getting married, celebrating birthdays and conducting business with the assistance of a device that never seems to leave our peripheral. 

This is clearly not normal, and the potential long-term effects of our digitally globalized planet have yet to be fully explored.

There used to be a clear delineation between and home life. But because of a microscopic parasite 10,000 times smaller than a grain of salt, this no longer exists. Due to the nature of remote work, every day can turn into a workday if we let it. We can find ourselves working past lunch, dinner and through the quiet hours of the night, all

started on a positive note for the equity with the benchmark Sensex ending the ceremonial one-hour-long trading session with a gain of 195 points on Saturday. The Sensex ended the session at 43,638, a 0.45 per cent gain, while the Nifty 50 index ended with a gain of 0.47 per cent, or 51 points, to end at 12,770. Amongst Sensex stocks, Bharti Airtel was the best performing stock and rose 1.2 per cent.

“Positive sentiments on account of recent rally, continued FPI inflows and impact of gain in US overnight led to modest gains in Indian Though trend in muhurat trading session does not determine that for the whole year, it gives a good feeling to start on a positive note,” said Dhiraj Relli, MD & CEO, HDFC Securities.

Buying shares on muhurat day is considered