December 6, 2020

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We’re living in a strange time. A time where one tweet can completely derail weeks or even months of hard work gearing up for a big launch. Having helped hundreds of women navigate big launch days for their , my has definitely been thrown a few curveballs.

Launching a new program or service is fun and exciting. Your energy level is up, but if you don’t give yourself enough time to prepare, your stress level is sure to overpower that positive energy. If you decide to skip the preparation and rush through your launch period, you’ll leave your team overwhelmed, burnt out and dreading the next time around.

Can you always avoid curveballs on launch day? No. But, there are certain things you can proactively do to ensure you have the most successful launch

The fifth round of meeting between protesting farmer groups and the central government once again failed to reach any conclusion, with farmers sticking to their stand of a total repeal of the contentious new farm laws, and the central government once again reiterating that all sticking points, including concerns over the minimum support price (MSP) mechanism, could be addressed.

The leaders staged a silent protest during the meeting, seeking a clear reply in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the government on the said Acts. As the talks headed for another deadlock, the Centre once again called for a meeting on December 9 and agreed to come up in that meeting with concrete proposals to modify the laws. The government also sought help from farmers in the form of their proposals to come up with concrete suggestions.

After more than four hours of discussions with three Union ministers and

Chinese e-commerce company Inc said on Saturday it has become the country’s first virtual platform to accept Beijing’s homegrown

JD Digits, the company’s fintech arm, will accept digital as payment for some products on its online mall, as part of an experimental giveaway of digital to citizens of Suzhou, near Shanghai, according to a post on the company’s official WeChat account.

China’s digital is one of the world’s most advanced “central bank digital currency” initiatives, as authorities globally respond to threats from private currencies such as bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra.

Under the Suzhou programme, the municipal government and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will issue 200 digital yuan “red envelopes” to 100,000 consumers selected through a lottery.

Suzhou’s scheme is the second such digital lottery, after the PBOC issued 10