December 13, 2020

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The holidays are here and with the usual merriment comes the constant stream of cards. Most of us keep and display the ones sent by friends and family. Holiday cards from businesses? They’re nice, but honestly, they usually go right into the trash.  

But then there are the cards sent by Jesse Guma and Lowell Freedman, two guys who run a production company called Grand Street Media that Entrepreneur has worked with over the years.

Most businesses play it safe with a relatively bland, politically-correct “Season’s Greetings” card. But not these guys. Each year they outdo themselves, coming up with an inventive way of turning what most businesses think of as an afterthought into something fun and engaging that makes them stand out with their friends, family and, most importantly, their clients. 

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Tea time is me-time and a true connoisseur wouldn’t swap it for anything else in the world. Listen to this podcast for Namrata Kohli’s chat over tea with Duggar and Goodricke Group MD Atul Asthana

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Namrata Kohli  | 
New Delhi 

How does one find authentic tea? If you were to rate in order of purity and even pricing, the best would be white tea, followed by Oolong, green and finally black tea. Kausshal Duggar, founder of Teabox, says his company sold India’s most expensive tea at Rs 2 lakh a kilo last year. “White tea is always worth a few lakh but it’s more like a concoction of fruits and flowers in your mouth. It is handmade and only produced at a specific time of the year

This Friday the head of Government of Mexico City announced that the capital of the country is on alert, since there was a decelerated increase in hospitalizations during the week.

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Claudia Sheinbaum affirmed that Mexico City is on alert and emergency due to Covid-19, with an increase in hospitalizations and saturation in health units, a situation very similar to that experienced in the month of May.

“If there is no mutual support, we will hardly be able to reduce the chain of infections,” clarified the head of Government of Mexico City. “It is a call to the population on alert, in emergency,” he added.

An urgent call was made to the citizens

Initial public offerings have been doing extremely well lately, bringing to mind the excesses of the in the late 1990s.

Shares in Chinese toymaker Pop Mart International Ltd. jumped as much as 112 per cent in their debut Friday, after home-rental platform Airbnb closed 113 per cent above its IPO price in New York. JD Health International surged 56 per cent in its debut Tuesday while DoorDash soared 86 per cent inon Wednesday.

Pricing IPOs

The FTSE Renaissance Global IPO Index, which tracks the performance of offerings worldwide, is up 82 per cent this year, compared with a 12 per cent gain for MSCI’s all-country equity index.

Comparing the current period with the dot-com bubble is hard to do directly because the Renaissance IPO Index didn’t start until 2009, and a Bloomberg index that was around in the dot-com boom became