December 18, 2020

These days, the online content world is downright saturated. There are millions of people all claiming to be “experts” in their chosen field. There are literally more than 600 million blogs. And it seems like everyone in the world has their own podcast.So how did this happen, exactly? Why is the content world so saturated with redundant (and often bad) content, and how can you fight against it?

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Content marketing has been a favorite strategy of entrepreneurs in practically all industries for the past decade or so. It has synergy with dozens of other online marketing tactics, including (SEO), social media marketing and email marketing,

Union Minister of Road Transport & on Thursday said the use of GPS-based (Global Positioning System) will ensure India becomes “toll plaza free” in the next two years. He also said this would help the exchequer earn Rs 1.34 trillion in the next five years.

The central government has finalised GPS-based to ensure seamless movement of vehicles across the country. At an industry event, the minister said the toll amount will be deducted directly from the bank account based on the movement of vehicles.

As of today, all commercial vehicles come with vehicle tracking systems. He said the government will come up with a plan to install GPS technology in old vehicles.

The may reach Rs 34,000 crore by March 2021 and by using GPS for toll collection, the income in

breached $23,000 for the first time in history as more Wall Street names crowd into the the world’s largest up 220 per cent this year.

As momentum builds, analysts predict more gains ahead. The digital coin jumped more than 9 per cent on Thursday, touching a high of $23,256.92, according to a composite of prices compiled by Bloomberg. and the wider Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index have both more than tripled this year. Cryptocurrency-linked stocks in South Korea, Japan and China climbed.

The rally in digital assets is polarizing opinion, given Bitcoin’s history of boom and bust. Proponents argue the cryptocurrency is muscling in on gold as a portfolio diversifier amid dollar weakness and potential inflationary pressure. Others see speculative fervor that will inevitably lead to a bust akin to the meltdown three years ago after a furious