December 25, 2020

Go from breaking even to breaking the bank.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In-person events do amazing things for our online businesses. They cement our expert status, strengthen our relationships with clients and allow us to share our expertise (and impact the world) beyond the limits of our laptops.

Events also need to be profitable. We are, after all, building our businesses. But when we think about the costs — venue, food, bags — can seem very elusive. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to simply hope that they “break even.”   

Nothing can be further from the truth. You can host a profitable event — whether it’s a retreat, mastermind, conference or speaking event. It just takes a

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As an , you are used to juggling multiple tasks and navigating choppy waters. Eventually, you grow accustomed to surviving in a world of organized chaos. To you, setbacks are just part of the process, but what if one of those setbacks happened to be a 15-year stint in a penitentiary? Would you be able to maintain that same enthusiasm that keeps you going right now?

Meet Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread. By his own admission, Dahl will tell you that he suffered from low self-esteem, and up until 2001, made a series of poor life choices. After serving a decade-and-a-half sentence for possession of drugs, robbery, burglary and assault, he returned home in 2001 to the family bakery business, which was built by his father and run by his brother. Together,

The country’s steel makers are on course to leading the BSE’s metal index to its biggest quarterly gain in more than a decade, on the back of recovery in consumption and surge in prices across the globe.

The S&P BSE Metal Index has surged by around a third so far in the three months through December, jumping the most since the quarter ended June 2009.

Metal are in an earnings upcycle after two years of downgrades, and steel demand as well as pricing have improved sharply, according to a Jefferies Group LLC report this month.

Shares of the country’s oldest steel mill, Tata Steel, have climbed more than 70 per cent since October 1, clocking the firm’s best performance in more than 11 years thanks to higher after it entered into talks for sale of its Dutch unit.