January 2, 2021

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is the most effective way to reach your , drive targeted traffic to your website, generate quality leads, and ultimately, close sales. To create a that will foster , it is key to understand the following:

  • How much money should be spent on digital marketing?

  • Which tactics will provide the best return on investment (ROI)?

  • Which channels will help funnel in high-quality leads?

  • What can be done to foster the entire buyer experience?

  • How can success truly be measured?

No matter how small or large your business is, having a deep understanding of what happens when you implement your digital marketing strategy is critical to making better decisions that will yield positive results. As such, having the right tools, processes, and people in place will only help

Over 4.73 crore returns (ITRs) for fiscal 2019-20 have been filed till December 30, amid the government extending the deadline for filing ITR till January 10 for individuals.

Earlier, the deadline to file ITRs was December 31, 2020 for individuals and January 31, 2021 for companies. This was extended on Wednesday till January 10 and February 15, respectively.

“More than 4.73 crore Returns for AY 2020-21 have already been filed till 30th of December, 2020,” the I-T department said in a tweet.

Last year, the deadline for individuals to file ITRs was August 31 and over 5.65 crore ITRs were filed. The number was over 5.12 crore till August 30.

An analysis of the data showed that filing of returns by individuals for fiscal 2019-20 has slowed down so far in the

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The success of your sales determines the success of your . Regardless of how good your product or service may be, how clever your is, or how deep your pockets are, you don’t have a business if you don’t have buyers.

You might reasonably assume that developing a high-performance sales team ranks among the highest priorities within an organization. Yet somewhat inexplicably, is one of the most overlooked aspects of developing sales organizations, resulting in a constant churn of sales professionals that ultimately cost businesses time and capital. 

We’ve interviewed sales leaders across the country in an attempt to understand this obvious oversight. And we’ve found that sales leaders are often sales representatives who have been promoted into management positions but didn’t receive adequate sales training themselves, and thus don’t know