January 19, 2021

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Service providers in certain industries — like travel and leisure, for example — have been hit hard by the pandemic. According to an August 2020 survey by the National Federation of Independent , 21% of business owners say they’ll permanently shut down if the economy doesn’t improve within the next six months.

Regardless of industry, service professionals need to acquire multiple revenue streams to weaken the financial risk, given today’s economy. It’s also critical to operate with the right mindset about one’s work.

Whether you’re an employee, consultant or gig worker, see yourself as the owner of your own professional services firm. Because whatever one’s work classification (W-2 or 1099), service professionals are absolutely proprietors of their own labor.

Your name, reputation and brand are inseparably tied to service quality and professionalism. As CEO of

A working group constituted by the regulator to study the scope of linking motor premium with traffic violations has recommended adding “premium” in every policy in addition to motor own damage, basic third party, additional third party, and compulsory personal accident premium.

It will float over own damage and third party sections of motor insurance and can be attached to any section of motor insurance cover being purchased. “This will ensure, regardless of any insurance cover a motor owner wants to buy, he/she will be subjected to Premium, unless he/she already has in force a wherein premium has already been paid”, the working group said.

They go on to say that whenever a person approaches a general insurer for any type of motor insurance, he/she will be

The Standing Committee of the cash-strapped East Delhi Municipal Corporation on Monday rejected the three new taxes, including a professional tax and a betterment tax, proposed in its annual to augment its revenue.

Additional Commissioner Alka R Sharma had presented the in December in which an education cess of five per cent of property tax had also been proposed.

The Standing Committee of the EDMC in a special meeting held on Monday rejected all hikes in taxes and levying of new taxes, the civic body said in a statement.

The EDMC always works for the welfare of people, it said.

The EDMC had earlier said a “professional tax at Rs 100 per month for those earning more than Rs 5 lakh a year; and Rs 200 per month for those earning more than Rs 10

By Dhara Ranasinghe

LONDON (Reuters) – More governments are selling that mature in 30, 50 and even 100 years’ time, capitalising on rock-bottom borrowing costs and a willingness among to look past risks for the sake of slightly higher yields.

After Germany’s state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) raised 2 billion euros on Jan. 5 via a 100-year issue, France said on Monday it would soon sell a 50-year bond, its first new debt at that maturity since 2016.

A brisk start that has also seen Mexico and Indonesia sell 50-year could mean issuance volumes approach levels seen in 2016, when euro zone governments sold a record 19 billion euros of with maturities of 30 years and over.

“It feels more like 2016,” said Lee Cumbes, head of public sector debt, EMEA at