February 5, 2021

Getting someone to download your app is just the start. Now you need great marketing.

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A user downloads your app. Success!

Except… why aren’t they using it?

To find out what’s wrong, we set up an unusual consulting session between an entrepreneur and a consultant—and filmed it so you can benefit too.

Lavinia Hajji is the founder of Dance Embassy. It’s a studio that teaches dance classes, and she created a new app to help customers book classes—but the app isn’t getting the traction she hoped. We connected her with Emma Bates, the former head of global marketing at Away, who’s now the co-founder and CEO of the app-based company Diem.

Here were three fixes that Bates proposed:

1. Incentivize!

Amid backlash over the Budget proposal to tax the interest earned from provident fund contribution of over Rs 2.5 lakh a year, the government on Thursday reiterated th­at the move is aimed at preventing high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) dep­ositing large sums “in a scheming ma­nner” at the cost of salaried class taxpay­e­rs to earn assured and tax-exempt returns.

While HNI contributors account for just 0.27 per cent of the employee’s provident fund (EPF) accounts, they have an average corpus of Rs 5.92 crore per subscriber, earning Rs 50.3 lakh per person per annum as tax-free, said sources in the Department of Revenue.

One of the highest contributors has more than Rs 103 crore in his account, followed by two who have more than Rs 86 crore each, sources said. The top 20 HNIs have about Rs 825 crore in their accounts, while

Do you like cocktails? The new line has three flavors; ginger, grapefruit and cucumber, made from mezcal.

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The company founded by the actor Luis Gerardo Méndez , the architect and hotelier Sebastián Sas, and the co-founders of ColoursCMX , J orge Mondragón and Cory Crespo , in 2018, ventures and takes a step forward with the Mezcal Ojo de Tigre brand and launch their line from premium seltzers: Original Blends.

Drinks made with mezcal and in a presentation of three flavors; ginger, grapefruit and cucumber, it has an alcohol content of 4.0% . The three presentations, according to Mezcal Ojo de Tigre , are natural,

The sum of the market value of BSE-listed companies crossed Rs 200 trillion for the first time, on Thursday. The feat comes a day after the S&P BSE Sensex closed above the coveted 50,000-mark.

The Sensex, on Thursday, ended at 50,614.29, up 358.54 points.

The combined of the National Stock Exchange of India-listed companies was a shade lower at Rs 199.1 trillion, based on Thursday’s closing.

The Nifty50 index ended the session at 14,895.65, up 105.70 points.

In dollar terms, the market cap figure of BSE-listed firms is $2.75 trillion — the seventh highest globally. The country’s market cap-to-GDP ratio is now more than 100 per cent. Its nominal GDP (revised estimate for FY21) at current prices is around Rs 195 trillion.

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