February 15, 2021

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What many refer to as a “Hallmark” holiday has always seemed like a great opportunity for companies to roll in some extra cash. In the past, brands have spent much of their time creating Valentine’s Day campaigns geared toward couples. But with more than half of American adults identifying as single today, that may not be the best practice anymore.

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Sure, the lovey dovey holiday hasn’t lost its momentum — in fact, Valentine’s Day sales reached an all-time high of $19.7 billion in 2016. Yet, that’s because it’s become a holiday that both couples and singles celebrate. Many people are buying gifts and experiences for friends, co-workers and pets rather than that special someone. So if you’re thinking romance is the best way to boost your sales, think again — it’s time to

The will infuse Rs 3,000 crore capital into state-owned during the current quarter in a bid to improve their financial health.

Last year, the Union Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleared proposal to provide capital support to National Insurance, Oriental Insurance and United India Insurance.

The cabinet had also decided to increase the authorised share capital of National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) to Rs 7,500 crore and that of United India Insurance Company Limited (UIICL) and Oriental Insurance Company Limited (OICL) to Rs 5,000 crore each to give effect to the capital infusion decision.

Recently, the government sought Parliament nod for gross additional expenditure of Rs 6.28 lakh crore for 2020-21 as part of second and final batch of supplementary demands for grants.

This included Rs 3,000 crore for providing

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Two weeks ago we talked about the 5 Minute Challenge to start reading. As you know, the habit of reading is one of the definitive habits of successful people. Just as we correctly insist on the need to take care of our body with exercise and a balanced diet, it is essential for the growth of any entrepreneur to take advantage of the power of reading to:

  • Increase your critical and thinking capacity.
  • Activate the brain.
  • Search for new solutions.
  • Arouse permanent curiosity.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Take advantage of the time.
  • Raise your coefficient of influence.
  • Keep up to date.

Millions of people around the world have set themselves the challenge of getting into the habit of reading with spectacular results. If you haven’t started,

reached a new record on Sunday, rising above $49,000 for the first time.

The world’s largest reached about $49,344 earlier in the day, and was around $49,202 as of 10:20 a.m. in London. It’s now up about 70 per cent so far this year. Rival Ether hit a record on Saturday and is up about 150 per ent year-to-date.

has been buoyed in recent months by endorsements from the likes of Paul Tudor Jones and Stan Druckenmiller. Bloomberg reported earlier that Morgan Stanley may bet on in its $150 billion investment arm, following news late last week that BNY Mellon plans to service cryptocurrencies for its clients. And that’s after Tesla Inc. put about $1.5 billion into Bitcoin. Skeptics warn the asset class could be in a bubble, however.

Tesla Boots the