March 3, 2022

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Using sentiment analysis, bots are also able to collect information through dialogue, whereas understanding context through the popularity of emotional cues. With this info, they can shortly consider, escalate, and route complicated points to humans for resolution. Based on this development, banks can anticipate future generations, beginning with Gen Z, to be even more invested in omnichannel banking and attuned to technology. By comparability, Baby Boomers and older members of Gen X usually value human interplay and prefer to go to bodily …

Building and trading synthetic cross-pairs in Hong Kong

Traders in the Hong Kong market face a unique opportunity when it comes to trading cross-pairs. The interbank market allows traders to trade between international markets for up to three years, longer than any other major currency pair. This gives traders an advantage when creating synthetic pairs because they have more time to study the differences in trend and volatility between their current and target positions.

In the past, this method required some skill to time correctly as you needed some market knowledge on how long it would take for the swap to complete. Nowadays, most brokers allow traders to set a termination date on their swaps to focus more on entry and exit points instead of monitoring them constantly.

When trading cross-pairs, one of the first things you learn is that you are always long EUR/USD and short USD/EUR. Often, traders will trade this pair back to back to …