4 Creative Ideas to Supercharge Your Digital Launch

When every new business is launching digitally, you need these things to stand out.

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In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve had many digital launches: my podcast, my line of false lashes, my books, a workbook and more. What I’ve learned through each launch strategy and execution process is how important it is to be creative. If you’re part of a community of entrepreneurs, it’s likely that someone is launching something on any given day. As exciting as that is to be part of, it can also be a challenge to stand out from the noise and complete your launch in a way that’s specific to your personal and the brand of whatever it is that you’re launching. 

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Here are some that I’ve put to the test in my own digital launches (specifically, the launch of my false lash line last year that did quite well) that can help you start thinking outside the box about your own upcoming launch. Remember: The more creative and unique you are in your launch strategy, the more eyeballs your launch will get.

1. Unite with ambassadors to share the launch for you

I firmly believe in “go big or go home.” I’ve had many launches where it felt like I was shouting into the void with just one post across all my social channels, and when I launched my lash company, I just didn’t want it to be like that. So, I gathered a group of lash ambassadors: people who represented my “target market” (in this case, makeup and false lash lovers) who could partake in the launch with me. I sent them two pairs of free lashes, asked them to take photos with the glitter lash box and wearing the lashes, and we all posted at the very same time.

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In addition to the added exposure (and the fun!), it was a chance to see my product in all of its diversity. Each of your ambassadors will use or embrace your product a little differently, and seeing everyone’s creative take together creates a full picture of what your product can do. Given, this was a bit easier for me because it was a product that could be worn, but the same principle applies if you’re launching a book or a program. Can you first do a mini launch on a small beta group and give them your product for free in exchange for their inclusion in your concerted launch efforts? The more you give them creative reign over their posts here, the better.

2. Creative, bold digital assets

In a digital launch, the more creative you can be with your fonts, color scheme, posts and landing page, the better. I was recently talking with Layla Parr, the founder of the Launch Societe, a company that focuses specifically on launches. I loved her language about what she helps female founders do: “Combine her warring energies into a harmonious launch.”

I’m certainly not a graphic designer, but I have been able to create the digital assets for each of my launches. Parr told me that her best advice is to “reach for the highest vision for what you want the launch to feel like, then find fonts and colors that can imitate that same feel.” That stuck with me.

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I spent a great deal of time perusing online resources like Creative Market to find fonts that matched my expression. This exploration is important — I urge you to not just go for the status quo fonts and templates. Make a splash! The bolder the digital assets, the higher the chance that one of your followers will actually pause their mindless scrolling to look at what you’re launching.

3. Make a fun countdown

Once you’ve chosen your digital assets, create some suspense before you launch. I didn’t tell anyone outside my ambassador group and close friends that I was about to launch my line of lashes. To drum up interest, I posted faded images of me wearing my product in a non-obvious way with the overlaid numbers of “3,” “2,” and then “1” leading up to the launch day. I put the date of the launch in the caption, too. This suspense creates a sense of investment for your audience. The more they can wonder about what’s coming and feel excited about it, the more momentous your launch will feel. 

4. Host a giveaway

Finally, a few weeks after the launch, consider hosting a giveaway on your social channels to stir up enthusiasm again. Give away anywhere from one to five of your products or seats in your upcoming course, and ask followers to enter by tagging friends and liking the photo. This will enhance your product’s visibility even more. I also found that doing this giveaway was a great way to engage audience members who weren’t initially interested in my product or service in the heat of the launch but would be interested in trying it for free if they won the giveaway. This way, you don’t lose or delay any purchases from people who were going to buy to begin with. It just reignites enthusiasm in the “middle tier” of your audience members who need an extra push to invest in your product. 

Try these ideas out for yourself, or put your own spin on them. Digital launches are my favorite because there are no boundaries to how creative you can be. Show the world what you’re made of, and make them pay attention. Your launch deserves it.

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