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The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is under­going an overhaul, with many changes being introduced to respond to the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has bro­ught to the trade scene, a senior official said on Wed­nesday.

“By the end of this year, we hope to complete the overhaul and many changes will be brought about to address the trade barriers and to ensure ease of doing business,” said Director General of Foreign Trade Amit Yadav.

He also suggested the portal be supplemented by the portal of the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics to get a clear picture of the government policies and other import–export data and procedures. have for long been demanding that the portal be made more comprehensive and its online services more interactive and customer-focused.

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In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there doing business battle on a daily basis. (Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you and what’s your business? 

My name is Christopher Cargnoni and I’m the founder of Fresh Pawz, a pet brand dedicated to the streetwear culture. 

What inspired you to create this product?  

In 2017 I noticed younger and younger people walking around with dogs of their own. While I wasn’t yet ready to take on the responsibility of having my own dog back then, the family dogs I grew up with were a big part of my life. Being in the retail world my entire life, I’m super passionate about brand building and creating products that people can connect to, so I started to research the pet

The share of external financing has jumped to 4.5 per cent in Q1 FY21 from 1.6 per cent in the same quarter last fiscal, which in terms of the quantum has skyrocketed by 325 per cent Y-o-Y, says a report analysing the fiscal numbers of the government.

The government has run 83 per cent of its borrowing target as of June, according to official numbers released on July 31, due to the impact of the pandemic that crippled the economy.

The massive spike in the share of external source of funding the comes even as it has been continuing financing primarily through domestic sources — as much as 96 per cent, according to an analysis by CARE Ratings.

“The share of external financing in the current financial year has jumped from 1.6 per cent as of Q1

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There are numerous reasons for starting a , including pursuing a passion, wanting to set your own hours and wanting to make more . But if you’re not committed to a larger purpose, all those reasons may not be enough for your business to succeed.

What Is a Commitment?

A commitment can be defined in three ways:

1. It gives you purpose. Let’s define a commitment as a greater purpose for your life that drives you forward every day. Many studies have shown that purpose even leads to longer life for men and women alike.

2. It’s never finished. A commitment is not, “I want to own a successful business,” because that doesn’t give you lifelong purpose. A commitment will never truly be finished, and you’ll work towards it for many years.


The government on Saturday widened the scope of the Rs 3-trillion guarantee scheme by doubling the upper ceiling of loans outstanding to Rs 50 crore and including certain individual loans given to professionals like doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants for business purposes under its ambit.

The tweaking of the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS) was done based on demand from trade bodies and in line with new MSME definition approved by the Union Cabinet in June.

Briefing the media about the changes made, said the scheme will now include individual loans given for business purposes within the ambit of the ECLGS, subject to the eligibility criteria of the scheme.

“We have also decided to cover individual loans given to doctors, chartered accountants for business purposes under the scheme,” Financial Services Secretary Debasish

Brands try creating their own influencers to control their messaging.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

With more than 1 billion people using social media all over the world, it’s more difficult than ever for brands to stand out from the crowd. Thus, the rise of the influencer, which has been one of the most significant changes in marketing in the last decade.

Some creative marketers have decided to to find an alternative to the typical approach to influencers and instead create their ambassadors themselves using . These virtual influencers are computer-created fictional characters whose “personalities” are entirely fictional. They’re paired with animated images from digital artists to accurately re-create the subtle features of