Digital Marketing is Crowded, So How Can Your Agency Dominate?

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Digital marketing has been a lucrative industry for the past couple of decades. Just about every business you can think of needs to have an online presence. Every online presence needs to be supported with a collection of marketing, advertising and PR strategies. Perhaps you were ahead of the curve or you have an incredibly talented team. If so, you’ve no doubt made a lot of money helping business owners with their search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media and other marketing efforts.

Of course, the high earning potential of the digital marketing industry has led to an interesting side effect; the online world is inundated with an overabundance of digital marketing agencies, gurus, experts and other authorities.

With so much direct competition, how can your digital marketing agency stand out?

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3 Cold-Calling Secrets From Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx

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There’s a reason why Spanx founder Sara Blakely can teach us so much about cold calling, and it has nothing to do with how great she is at creating inventions. Before becoming an entrepreneur herself, she sold fax machines in Florida for seven years, where her insight into this specific skill set became invaluable when starting up.

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It was her knowledge of cold calling that turned out to be pivotal in landing her first sale of Spanx, as she cold-called the buyer for Neiman Marcus and landed her first large order of Spanx. She also used cold calling to find her patent lawyer and apparel manufacturer, which were both critical to her ultimate success as an entrepreneur. 

Here are three specific cold-calling lessons we can glean from her experiences on her entrepreneurial journey. 

1. The power of visualization 

Important Lessons I Learned From a Rebrand

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Take it from me: rebrands are exciting — full of a fascinating mixture of promise and chaos — but they can also become total messes if not executed with precision and proactivity. The trouble is that this task happens so rarely in a company’s journey that few people take the time after the process is complete to reflect on the good, bad and ugly. That’s exactly what I’m doing now in my post-rebrand glow. Turns out, I missed some key opportunities along the way and want to help you avoid making the same mistakes, so, among other helpful takeaways, here’s why project management and communication must have a starring role. 

Ask the key questions 

There are few things that demand as much of a company as a rebrand. When you’re not planning the strategy, collaborating on new branding or reorganizing your internal

How Newsletter Sponsorships Can Maximize Your Marketing

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You want to maximize your marketing efforts and be where viewers are as a business. But very few are using the sponsored newsletter to grow their customer leads. Newsletter sponsorships can transform your marketing strategy, allowing your business to reach millions of customers. Add newsletter sponsorships to your marketing arsenal to increase the conversion rates of your campaigns. These ads are already in front of qualified leads interested in your product or service.

What Are Newsletter Sponsorships?

Newsletter sponsorships are paid ads positioned within existing, high-performing email newsletters or lists. This branch of email marketing allows you to get in front of dedicated audiences who trust the source and are more likely to trust specifically sponsored content. 

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When marketing, there is a big difference between sponsorship and advertising. Sponsorship allows

Millennials Aren’t At all times In regards to the Digital Expertise. That is Good Information for Your Advertising Division.

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It seems that millennials’ digital-first popularity could be getting misinterpreted. And that could possibly be an excellent factor for your online business’s advertising and marketing division.

As a generational cohort, the vast majority of millennials are on the top of their consumption energy, in response to Morgan Stanley. This makes them a pure goal for promoting campaigns. But the easiest way to seize a millennial’s consideration isn’t essentially via emails or texts. As an alternative, it could be by way of a greeting card delivered the old style approach.

The ability of unsolicited mail on millennials

Why use greeting playing cards as a part of your millennial-focused advertising and marketing campaigns? Society hasn’t misplaced its ardour for sending sentimental heat and goodwill in brilliant, cheery envelopes. Every year, customers buy greater than 6 billion playing cards. Millennials spend extra on these

Why AI Writing Assistants are a Good Factor for Content material Creation

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So you have heard of AI writing assistants, however how do they work?

AI writing assistants are software program instruments that routinely generate content material for a set of parameters. They’re designed to automate the method of producing content material for particular subjects or industries.

Their job is to enhance the standard of content material by offering recommendations, concepts, samples and modifying recommendations. AI copywriters are software program instruments that might allow you to write higher copy with much less time invested.

How can AI writing instruments allow you to as an entrepreneur?

AI writing instruments can create a weblog publish for a selected subject simply by offering a number of key phrases. Primarily, AI can do your complete strategy of content material creation for you and ship it instantly.

If you wish to generate content material concepts, AI writing instruments