The Financing Game: Insider Secrets to Start-up Success

A spin out from the University of Edinburgh founded in 2011, it is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Modulo Smart Core Microelectronics drew tens of millions of yuan (CNY 10.0M is ~$1.4M) in angel funding from Zijin Hi-Tech Venture Capital and others. It currently offers 24-bit high-precision ADCs, with low-power ADCs and DACs nearing mass production. It is also working on other converter chips, medical analog front-end chips, isolators, and battery management system (BMS) chips. Target applications include medical electronics, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and automotive electronics.

Start-up funding

Getting a strategic partner for your startup company can help accelerate the development of your business. Plus, unlike with a bank, you’ll likely be able to get some money from your friends and family without having to pay any interest. It’s risky because you won’t have any money to fall back on if your business is unsuccessful. But just because you secure millions …