All that glitters is on video: Tanishq finds a way for gold customers

Jewellery brand plans to promote video-based selling of ornaments to avoid crowds at stores when the lockdown to contain the ends, said Ajoy Chawla, Chief Executive Officer of Titan’s jewellery business which owns the brand.

Speaking at a video-conference organised by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), here on Monday, Chawla said, “We will accommodate only a few customers on walk in basis. Arrange chairs in our stores in a way that customers’ service is not impacted. At the same time, we will prioritise appointment based selling or ornaments.”

Titan which sells brand gold and diamond jewellery, operates over 350 retail stores across the counter. Apart from it’s retail store presence, the company also sells huge quantity of its products online.

will encourage online selection of products.

Tanishq has devised three-pronged strategy to deal with the scenario that has emerged after the pandemic.

Firstly, it will sanitise retail stores before opening. The company will also take care of its employees and sales staff at the store with adequate care to meet the challenges post lockdown.

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Secondly, office also needs to be managed in a way that the customers’ satisfaction is maintained.

“We will be focusing on positivity and purposefulness going forward,” said Chawla.

Thirdly, the company will be focusing on manufacturing and supply chain for better management of products and services.

Panelists including Stephen Lussier, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Brands, De Beers, David Kellie, Managing Director, Diamond Producers’ Association, David Tait, Chief Executive Officer, World Gold Council and Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Tanishq, however, believe that strong customers’ appetite for gold and jewellery will bounce back once the Covid-19 crisis ends and situation normalises.

“Investment in gold is advised even when it’s price is hovering at a record in both the dollar and the rupee term,” said David Tait.

Panelists believe that jewellery demand will bounce back by Diwali.