Building a Fundable Start-up: Key Considerations for Financing

The company says it provides higher power density, faster recharge, and longer cycle life than lithium-ion without requiring rare earth or conflict materials. The battery is aimed at a variety of industrial power applications ranging from critical backup power systems to EV fast charging and behind-the-meter applications. United Airlines plans to use Natron’s batteries electrify its airport ground equipment like pushback tractors and operations at the gate.

ETtech Deals Digest: Late-stage investments boost funding in Indian startups to $447 million this week – Economic Times

ETtech Deals Digest: Late-stage investments boost funding in Indian startups to $447 million this week.

Posted: Fri, 26 May 2023 10:18:00 GMT [source]

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This structure can result in a loss of control by the startup founder but also opens the door to more extensive networking opportunities and greater odds of success if the investor has experience in the industry. KBM is a startup in Indonesia that was founded in 2020 and is currently based in the city of Jakarta. The business operates in the media and marketing sector and has developed a platform that allows writers and readers to connect through content on the site. Academix is another top startup from Indonesia, working in the education and online portal sectors. The company is also working in the ed-tech, e-learning, and training sectors, working to help unskilled workers gain skills. The purpose of the company is to help these workers get better opportunities and to make Indonesia’s workforce more competitive.

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It helps a startup scale, reaching the point where it can attract venture capital and where an investor can generate a strong return. Your startup has grown into a real company with a higher valuation to prove it! Hitting milestones was so last year and now you are exceeding them.

LatAm fintech start-up Kiwi secures $80m in funding – FinTech Futures

LatAm fintech start-up Kiwi secures $80m in funding.

Posted: Thu, 25 May 2023 13:24:15 GMT [source]

During this funding round, the company managed to raise a figure of $9 Million from Access Ventures and five other investors. Since being founded, the company has managed to raise an impressive total funding amount of $72M. This was made through just two funding rounds and was supported by two lead investors. The first funding round took place on the 19th of October, 2018, and the second took place as recently as the 3rd of January, 2023.

Between loans, investors, grants, and angels, identifying the best type of funding for your startup is crucial to its success

You also won’t have to pay any interest on a line of credit or bank loan. You get to keep all the profits instead of sharing them with investors. It just goes to show crowdfunding isn’t just for college students or small side projects. In 2012, a company called Oculus Rift launched a campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $250,000. While most people think of Kickstarter when it comes to these platforms, there are some alternative websites you can consider as well.

What are the four stages of start up financing?

There are typically four stages of startup funding: Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C.

Most likely you will begin your journey with a co-founder, or recruit one shortly thereafter. Getting this wrong could not only risk underperformance and resentment among stakeholders but also result in your own termination from the company or dilution to an insignificant level. It is important to note, that during the past half a year, we witnessed a record number of companies remaining headquartered in the region after the Series A, which seems to be a steadily growing trade in the Baltic region.

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Applying for a bank loan was extremely difficult due to their strict requirements. Thankfully, alternative sources of capital have exploded over the years. NBFCs are non-banking financial corporations that provide banking services. They do not fall under the definition of a bank or a banks legal requirements.


The amount of funding you seek will affect the source of funding you approach. For example, if you require $250,000 in funding, angel investors are more applicable than venture capitalists. The funding market downturn clearly hit the Baltics hard during 2022, especially in the second half of the year, even though the number of growth and Series A rounds was still healthily above pre-2021 levels. Pre-seed and seed investing dropped significantly during 2022, evidence of the risk aversion in the global venture funding market and also increasing selectiveness of investors. We know that bridge and extension rounds have proliferated, many of which are undisclosed, so the actual number of pre-seed and seed rounds is, we believe, somewhat undercounted as we are aware of many, but not all, of these. Startup loans are awarded based on the business owner’s personal credit history.

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It shows that you have achieved strong indicators of product-market fit and have demonstrated that there are scalable acquisition channels to reach new customers. Finally, there’s always the possibility that they will ask for their money back if your startup doesn’t work out. A grant is capital awarded to your business that doesn’t have to be repaid. We’ll take a quick look at the definitions of each pathway to funding before exploring them in depth.

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The lower quartile for pre-seed rounds remained at €0 for the second year in a row highlighting the fact that a significant group of pre-seed stage startups can raise pre-revenue rounds. The median has been slowly decreasing since 2019 and reached €1,250 in 2022. The same trend can be observed with the upper quartile – it has been decreasing over the years and has reached an all-time low of €6,600. Canatu raised €18.0M (~$17.9M) in funding from 3M Ventures, Ascend Capital Partners, eFruit International, and new investors including Minth Group, Nordea, and Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

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It’s now up to you to focus on good decision-making and strategy to develop your business into its most successful form. P2P funding has no time-consuming procedures that make traditional bank loans difficult. The type of P2P loan your startup receives will differ, based on the type of company you have, and the type of investor lending the money.

Venture capitalists.

The median size of seed rounds, on the other hand, continued to grow significantly during 2022, reaching almost €2M, with top and bottom quartiles also rising. With the number of rounds having fallen, this reflects the reality of fewer startups raising seed funding, but those that do raise able to attract increasingly competitive valuations. Since the Baltic states round sizes never expanded as rapidly as those in more mature markets, the downward pressures from other markets are less seen here. LiNa Energy closed a £3.0M (~$3.4M) late seed funding round, primarily from existing investors. LiNa Energy is developing a battery with a sodium-metal-chloride chemistry in a planar design using an ultra-thin solid state ceramic electrolyte. The battery does not use lithium or cobalt, and the startup says it has higher energy density and operational cycling compared to Li-ion.