Choosing a Plastic Post Card

In marketing, it is important to have an effective communication tool. One of these tools is plastic postcards. These are cards that you create and distribute to customers with a message or advertisement about your business so they can learn more about it. You should consider several things when venturing into this type of communication. Here are some tips on choosing a plastic postcard.

Keep it Simple

The most popular plastic postcards are the standard size, five by seven inches. However, if you need a larger card or smaller postcard, you can get them adjusted to your specific needs at the printers. If the design is too large or small for a plastic postcard, it will diminish its impact and make people less likely to read it.

Use Quality Paper Stock

Like greeting cards, plastic postcards can be made with a range of paper stocks. The more affordable and lesser quality the paper is, the lower its lifespan will be on display or indoors. If that is not what you want, go for better cardstock.

Add a Message or Image on The Back of the Card

After people buy plastic postcards and take them home, they will see your design displayed on their bedroom, living room, kitchen counter, or office desk. You want them to be excited when they look at the plastic postcard every day. People should enjoy having the postcard next to other family mementos and souvenirs.

Want to Print? Consider Offset or Digital Printing

Plastic postcards come in two forms. Offset, which is more durable and cost-effective for larger orders, and digital, which can be used for smaller jobs. It is less expensive than offset and perfect for a one-time print run. Nowadays, you can even get more options like gloss or matte coating UV (ultra-violet) for added protection and durability of printed cards. It is easier to see which plastic postcards are right for you with these tips in mind. Consider quality printing options with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.