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Also often recognized as baso, bakso is an Indonesian meatball or a meat paste produced from beef surimi and is just like Chinese beef ball, fish ball, and pork ball. Bakso could either mean just the meatball or the meatball soup dish. Indonesian food is defnitely considered one of my favorite cuisines. Phenomenol looking food photos here Mark and great guide. I am absolutely salavating here 🙂 I love sambal and petai beans like mad too. Hi Mark, next time visiting Indonesia, I would counsel Surabaya and Mataram as your destination.

  • They’re easy, filling, and take lower than an hour to arrange from begin to finish.
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  • Hi Wirawan, thanks very much for studying this, oh sorry to do that to you!!
  • You can add other fillings too corresponding to Nutella, banana, berries, and syrup.

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