MCX permits members to use terminals from home till April 30

The of India Limited (MCX) has permitted its members to shift trading terminals to any place other than disclosed to the exchange earlier effectively meaning they also can do all trading from home. This facility has been given till 30 April or any other date that the exchange notifies.

The decision has been taken as a preventive measure in view of government stopping modes of transport even within the city.

The exchange has prescribed guidelines for opting this facility which members have to comply.

Under this the exchange has asked the Members to frame an internal policy clearly mentioning the controls & checks put in place to prevent any unauthorised trading activities, constitute a mechanism for the monitoring of such terminals and they are used by approved users only. For any improper use, members will be liable, said the exchange circular.

The exchange has also granted some procedural relaxations to members opting such facilities. The circular also prescribes that members shall, before operation of terminals from the alternate locations, provide the list of the approved users, terminal details, and the alternate location address to the Exchange.