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Farm Stacker is a timed 10-stage stacking recreation the place gamers must stack identical animals atop one another. Create sets of 5 or extra identical animals which touch one another to remove the set from the board. Match off to the extent goal score earlier than the timer runs out and prevent any stack from reaching the highest.

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Pipe Beer is a pipe working game where you must create a run of pipes that retains fluid flowing through them for as lengthy as possible earlier than reaching the top. Score bonus factors by making lengthy runs, though typically you have to waste extra pipe pieces and lose points for any pipes not connected to your run. Rice Ball Rumble is a 30-stage slide puzzle game the place you push rice balls into one another with the objective of only one rice ball remaining. Choose a rice ball and slide it toward another to push the second rice ball off screen. You can used fastened blocks and different rice balls as short-term stoppers to halt your strikes. Sweet Memory Game is an eight stage memory flashcard recreation which isn’t timed and provides a vast variety of match attempts.