Storytelling Can Help Anyone Connect to Your Brand

Here’s how to find your narrative.

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Aside from offering a helpful service or great product, what elements separate a successful business from a less popular one? Look closely, and you’ll find one of the most powerful aspects of a : its story. Stories tap into a customer’s unconscious mind to increase interest. Linking a to your own business is likely to boost success and memorability.

Why stories are popular

are wired to enjoy a good yarn. Centuries ago, was a major form of entertainment. It relayed important information, inspired and taught simultaneously. Today’s world isn’t that different. Movies, books and even news segments are presented as stories designed to stick in the mind.

With ease, the stories you link with your business will seep into a potential customer’s subconscious, where they forge beliefs. When people think of whether to employ a firm’s services or buy products, they don’t only use logic; their beliefs play a part in their choices too.

The subconscious communicates with the conscious mind using metaphors. Pictures and stories from deep within guide people’s behaviors. When you contemplate engaging in a tiresome job, for instance, you might picture yourself doing so unenthusiastically. Or, your subconscious may offer an image of you succeeding if you believe success is a plausible outcome.

Craft a brand story to inspire people, and they’ll find your business attractive. Their minds will connect with it, and this will help them decide to use your services or buy your products.

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People enjoy specific stories

Unconsciously, people love stories about overcoming obstacles. They enjoy narratives that involve surmounting difficulties and finding success. Humans are designed to seek improvement, and tales about small beginnings that inspire successful outcomes stimulate feel-good hormones.

Authenticity matters

It’s important that the story you link with your brand is authentic. If it’s not, people’s inner truth-radar will sound the alarm, warning them your business might not be all it seems. So take care to craft a tale based on truth. Use facts rather than let your imagination do all the work. 

There’s a way to develop your story

There’s already a story behind your business; you just need to recognize it. Think back to before your business existed, when it was still only a thought. What made you want to begin? What inspired you? What motivated you to continue, and how did you get past setbacks?

Your story began when your business was a seed in your imagination. It continued as you planted the seed and watched it grow. Initially, you had just your hopes. You wanted to change your life, perhaps, while you also contributed to people’s well-being. Maybe you spotted a problem your business could solve. Make sure to include those hopes, your struggles and how you rose to challenges and overcame them.

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It helps to have courage

Many business owners don’t connect a story with their brand. They don’t want to mention details about themselves other than how successful they’ve been. Nor do they want to show how vulnerable they are, so they prefer not to admit they’ve struggled. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes helpful to let people know your business means a great deal to you, so you’ve dealt with setbacks and made it work.

Potential clients and customers are likely to want to support you if they can relate to you. They’ll also appreciate the energy you’ve put into your work because it shows that you’ve done your best to provide an excellent service or product. Weave the humble beginnings of your business, obstacles and achievements into your story and people will engage with the journey.

Uncover the true tale of your business and use it on your website, in promotional marketing and when you tell people what you do for a living. It will also boost your confidence and prove useful when you want to inspire employees. What’s more, you’ll recognize your achievements and value your business more because your story will inspire you just as it does your customers.