Capital Connections: Building Networks for Start-up Funding

This means that when its users come to apply for jobs found in the app, they are prepared and stand out from other candidates. It is an artificial intelligence startup company operating in the consumer, consumer research, neuroscience, and machine learning industries. The company uses neuroscience tools to help understand consumers’ subconscious responses. Neurosensum uses electroencephalogram (EEG), eye tracking, virtual reality (VR), and reaction time tools to help break down responses which companies can use to adapt their business for their market and consumers. Mandaya Medical International is the next Indonesian-based startup on the list to follow in 2023. It is a business working in the healthcare industry as well as the hospital, medical, and hospitality sectors.

Start-up funding

As the pre-seed round is often raised via SAFE Notes, there is no need to raise all the money at once. Smart founders can and should utilize Paul Graham’s high-resolution fundraising. For most …