Why Sales Copywriting Is Crucial for Your Business

If you want customers to purchase your product right away, then you better have the write stuff.

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Sales copywriting is probably not new to those in , but can we really say we’re using it to its fullest potential? With customers staying home and shopping from their couches, solid copy may be the best sales technique available to you, if you use it right.

Here’s why sales copywriting matters more than ever, and what you can do about it.

What is direct-response copywriting?

Direct-response copywriting is sales copywriting in its most powerful form. Simply put, it’s sales copy that tells the consumer to make a purchase right away. That’s why this type of sales copy can’t just be good; it has to be the top tier.

Some examples of direct-response copywriting are:

  • Pay-per-click ads.

  • Product descriptions.

  • Landing pages.

  • Fliers.

  • Newsletters.

This brand of marketing is all about the written word, and often nothing else, and is frequently the most creative and active alternative to more traditionally bland and stale copy.

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Sales copywriting in 2020 and beyond

You may think you’re implementing sales copywriting in your business, and you probably are. But the truth is that until recently, many businesses relied on other sales techniques to sell their product, techniques that relied on face-to-face .

Brick-and-mortar businesses might use online ads and email marketing, but they also relied on more “physical” sales techniques like in-store events and proximity targeting up until early this year. These techniques are based on foot traffic and getting people in the door.

Similarly, B2B businesses, though well-versed in , are masters of the in-person sales meetings, where you learn the problem your client is having and offer a solution.

Now, as more and more businesses move online and customers avoid close contact, it’s time to take a page from the books of online businesses and especially direct-response companies that have mastered the art of sales copywriting out of necessity.

Sales copywriting principles

A few things to keep in mind when you’re writing amazing sales copy are:

  • Find your audience. Knowing exactly who you’re speaking to will change your language and focus entirely. You wouldn’t sell your product to a male Gen-Zer in his 20s in the same way you would to a female empty nester in her 50s. You’d use different words and a different voice. Therefore, it’s crucial to define an audience first.
  • Pick one specific pain point. Once you have your audience, you need to define its problem, and it should be very specific. What problem will your product solve? More importantly, emotion sells. Find the emotion behind the pain point and use that to anchor the copy. One powerful example is Michelin’s use of a baby to sell safe tires.
  • Use unique language. Think about commercials, billboards, online ads and emails you’ve seen before, and how many used the same phrases. Words like “innovative,” “unique” and “solution” are boring. Write outside the box with unexpected words and phrases.
  • Tell a story. in isn’t limited to TV commercials. Copy can tell a story all by itself, and it should. Go back to your audience and tell the story of its pain point and how your product solves the problem or how your process works. Our brains love stories; use that to sell.
  • Write a few drafts. Even world-class writers go through a revision process (or several), so why shouldn’t you? Your first copy won’t be good, but with some time and some help, you can come up with copy that will surprise and engage your customers.
  • Write less. Often, finding where to cut is more important than figuring out what to add. The less words, the better, because with less words, you have to be more clear and more specific.
  • Play with structure and form. An underestimated part of writing is the use of punctuation, lists, line breaks, bullet points, capitalization and spacing. These can be as powerful as the words themselves, so put them to use.

How can you incorporate it into your business?

First of all, if you want sales copy that really sells, you should hire a writer who knows what they’re doing. They don’t need to be a professional copywriter by trade. Find someone who’s passionate about words, and who will dig to find the perfect ones.

Work with your writer to find ways to really embrace online sales and use your copy in it. Invest in some killer Ads; create a landing page for your next product; and optimize and put time into your product descriptions as you develop your new ecommerce store.

Then you have to test out different versions of your copy. Even your writer’s fifth draft may not be converting right away, so test out versions number six, seven and eight, honing copy until you’re getting the results you want.

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With time, patienc and creativity, you can make sales copy the go-to technique it should be going forward.